Computer Progam could change football forever

ZEUS™ Football is the most powerful analytical tool in professional sports. Developed by EndGame
Technologies, ZEUS™ provides extraordinary insights into NFL strategy. The ZEUS™ engine is powerful
enough to simulate the equivalent of every game played in the history of the NFL in a matter of seconds.
ZEUS™ can objectively assess critical play-calling decisions with startling accuracy and confidence. [url=] ... er_program[/url])

I see this program being use by CFL Coaches if could be adjusted for the Canadian Game

They should test it out on the Detroit Lions, if it helps them win then it must be one heck of a piece of software. :wink:

I can hear it now, the next great thing "evidence-based football". That should go with Hamilton actually, save the world with anything "evidence-based". :wink:

Here’s an interesting quote I found on a discussion board about practicing evidence-based football:

Rice practices Evidence-Based Football and therefore refuses to build an effective defense until they see evidence that one is needed to win the west.

I guess it’s like war, if you wait until you see the whites of their eyes before you shoot, you’re probably a goner yourself. :wink:

I think it's best to be wary of extraordinary claims made by any software company. In a sport like football, there are so many interdependent biomechanical and execution variables even at the level of individual players, I suspect such a system can only make generalizations based on a very broad set of assumptions. Not to say that such a tool can't be useful, but I think systems like this often tend to be more hype than substance.

Yup, just like evidence-based this or that, completely agree. Hype.

I think most NFL teams already have their own "probability" sheets or programs tailored to individual teams. If my failing memory is still correct I think Tom Landry had a similar system for the Cowboys way back in the 60's.
I sure as hell would be wary of any computer system that supposedly can exert a big influence on how the game is played. It won't be the program that gets fired when fumbles, penalties and interceptions blow games. :smiley:

Maybe we should hire that kid who developed that robotic android, obviously the kid has brains and might be able to build on this program and really make us into winners, at least 9.00102030303 times out of 10 at any rate. :wink:

Didn't John Huard use a computer program??

Yup, I think it was that Wordperfect word processing program, you know, to write letters, that sort of stuff. 8)

Such as resignations?? :slight_smile:

I remember this too. Huard was talked about how it drove his decision to create a running offense that would dominate every other team in the CFL . I vaguely recall that he either created it or was involved with the company that created it, but I could be mistaken.

Until now, I had missed the tangentially related news that J. I. Albrecht passed away in March 2008.