Comprehensive penalty analysis for 2015

I worked hard today to analyze this year's CFL stats to evaluate the season so far. There are several encouraging stats, but penalties are the major negative.

I went on to look at who is the head referee in games with the most penalties which will be interesting going forward.

I also looked at which penalties are getting called more this year.

Check it out:

Awesome work. Impressive and much appreciated. :thup:

The numbers back up the notion that although new rules are a factor, for the most part discipline is just way down and has been dropping heavily for two years (which was not unnoticed by me).

I won't comment on the different crews numbers until they each get 6 or 8 games under their belts. Just not fair yet.

The numbers for the officials don't really tell the story. As you stated the number of penalties refers to the crew and not just the head referee, yardage can be decieving (PI calls do not having a specific yardage applied, penalties that are declined ect)and it is raw numbers that do not reflect the teams involved or type of game they had.

The individual crew chiefs need to be evaluated on the actual games themselves (what was called, what wasn't).

Interesting stats though. Haven't had a chance to read it all, but will finish it later. You have a lot of time on your hands to put that much work into this. :wink:

Great work and analysis, look forward to reading more.

Hopefully it will be about a decrease in penalties. If games could somehow get down to 15 a game or so, that would speed up the game and make it way more entertaining. Even going back to 2013 levels of penalties would be good.

Another take on the same topic.

Some interesting points I took from this article:

  • Only four of the nine teams (Calgary, Saskatchewan, Ottawa, Winnipeg) have significantly more penalties per game this year than last year. Three teams (Edmonton, Montreal, Toronto) actually have fewer.
  • 33% of penalties this year are for offside, procedure or time count. 26% are for holding or illegal blocks. Only 16% are for PI or illegal contact, the rules that were changed this year. OK, PI wasn't technically changed, but it's been lumped in with illegal contact in most discussions on penalties this year.
  • Last year, penalties per game started high (24-25) and went down almost 15% (to 21-22) by mid-season and then leveled off.

With any luck at all, that last point will happen again this year.