Comprehensible and searchable statistics on

Discuss the comprehensible and searchable statistics feature on (or lack of thereof, although it's been promised last May) here.

I know that you reall do not like how this has not happened and everything 3rd, But do we really need another sticky?? I have taken website design classes, and this is a big big no no. I know you have mod powers and all, but being the lazy person I am, the less I have to scroll the better. I would also be happy if they got rid of the playmaker sticky and the others, that are never used.

But do as you want

He was being sarcastic

Oh i know that.

Thank you......this WAS promised when the site came out in April.....then May.....August........and now no progress i guess.

Stats are a very important feature for a sports website.....come on straighten up

Yup, the webmasters are very slow on this site!

Noticed they finally have contact information on the Ask the Ref section, buy why oh why did they not include an "archives" button!

Seems to me there is way to much "this is the way we web disigners think it should work" rather than "what makes things easy for users" on this site!

There is an archives link in all of the Insight and Analysis sections on the left-hand side of the page.

And what about the stats JBW? Will we ever get them the way they were promised?

I have to agree with T&T
TSN stats are updated after every game. Why should we have to go there to see them.

Is there any place that lists the ALL TIME CAREER Scoring leaders for the CFL?