Compliments only tonight - no complaining from me.

[b][b] :cowboy:
Compliments to the following players on other teams beyond the Riders tonight:

  1. Andrew Harris is a warrior. I wonder how many international soccer players would continue playing on one leg like he did.
  2. Kevin Glenn- got to hand it to the old guy who keeps coming back.
  3. Hamilton's QB lefavour. Full of enthusiasm and a gamer. Almost stole one on the road.
  4. Edmonton's Qb Reilly. Competes every play.
  5. B.C. Lionbacking duo - Bighill and Eliminion (excuse spelling please) - two outstanding players anchoring a very good defence.
  6. Winnipeg's - Drew Willy - learning each game and is a team first guy.[size=99px]

Finally - thoughts are with the Edmonton injured player (neck) and here is hoping it is not as serious as it looked.

CFL Forever! :rockin: :wink: :cowboy: [/b][/b]