Complimentary ticket offer to Saturday's Argos game

I posted this in another thread but thought I'd give it a thread of its own. I wonder if this has happened very often - where a team offered free tickets to a road game if you buy a ticket to the next home game.

Clearly the Ti-Cats are doing their best to help fill the Rogers Centre this Saturday. I just got this email from the Cats.

COMPLIMENTARY TICKET OFFER FOR SATURDAY'S TIGER-CATS vs. ARGOS GAME IN TORONTO With the purchase of a Ticats ticket for the Nov. 8 home game at Tim Hortons Field

TigerTown is taking over Toronto! With this weekend's critical matchup against the Argonauts only days away, it's time for Ticats fans to blitz the Rogers Centre and cheer on your team as we push for the playoffs.

Purchase a silver or gold ticket to the Tiger-Cats final regular season game on Saturday, November 8 vs. Montreal and receive a complimentary ticket to the Tiger-Cats vs. Argonauts game this Saturday, October 25 , courtesy of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats (exclusive 48 hour promotional offer, while supplies last). The game kicks off at 4 p.m. at the Rogers Centre in Toronto.

This promotional offer closes on Friday, October 24 at 2 p.m. EST, so act fast!

Your ticket(s) for this Saturday's game at the Rogers Centre will be located behind the Tiger-Cats bench in the lower level, so make sure you wear your Black and Gold! Your ticket(s) will be available for pickup at the Rogers Centre Will Call located at Gate 9 starting on gameday, Saturday, October 25.

Call 905-547-2287 and speak to one of our Ticketing Representatives now to reserve your tickets today.

Oskee Wee Wee,

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats Football Club

The above email has been edited and is exclusive to Tiger-Cats Season Ticket Holders, not sure why it is posted to mislead that anyone can receive this offer :roll:

In addition, the ticket sales for this game are very low and this is the one of the ways to get the attendance up !!

Hold on tc23, why would the Cats offer only to season’s ticket holders, a seat in the game they already have tickets for ??? I got this offer by email and I don’t have season’s tickets for Ham. i think it’s a great idea !!!

in my email it says season seat holders, and is worded differently, I guess if you got a different email, I made a mistake, usually these deals are sent to season seat holders only !!

Probably because they wrote two emails with the same offer. Its not that complicated :wink:

Is Hamilton having a hard time selling 23000 seats?

No, Toronto is :lol: looks like sales are slow for the Argo game :roll:

I tell ya what Mr. Braley, once you show me a plan that does not involve the Argos at the RC and is signed, sealed and all the t's crossed and i's dotted, then I'll buy a ticket to a Cats-Argos game at the RC. Until you show me the plan, no go. That's the deal. I don't want a complimentary ticket, I want to see a plan.

this deal is for the game at Rogers Centre, not THF.

A great idea for the Cats to organize this. Hate RC or not, the First Eastern Final to be held at THF is on the line. The game was scheduled late afternoon at the end of the season just for this reason.
For two season's now getting to see your defending Eastern conference champion Tiger Cats live anywhere within the region has been hard to do, with a very low limited amount of capacity.
The biggest game of this season thus far, No rainstorms to sit through in temporary sets at Guelph University. A chance to knock your biggest rival out of the playoffs altogether.
Seats behind the Cats side in a big group of tiger cat fans and not in some corner.
The Atmosphere is what you make of it.

Why would Hamiklton need this promo unless they were having trouble selling their own tickets... No doubt they got a good deal from the Argos and are only losing 25% of the ticket revenues. But why lose any at all?

The Cats have close to 16,000 season ticket holders and have sold out every game so far at Tim Hortons staduim. Why do some insist on creating a crisis, around ever corner when non exist

Right now there are only a few hundred seats available to the Nov. 8th game in Hamilton - so this is all about filling some seats at RC

I will say though that it is a very good thing the Cats and Argos are offering with the complimentary ticket offer.

The Argo promotion was still cheaper.... :stuck_out_tongue:

Go to the seat map and try to buy a ticket, looks like only single tickets available anywhere in the stadium.
I wonder why they are showing a few seats available in the upper deck? I thought the upper deck wouldn't be open for the Nov 8 game?

did the club officially announce that that the upper west deck will not be open for the Nov.8 game?
we have seats in this section and have not received any notice that it will be closed.

as for the map of available tix in the upper deck, many season’s seat holders like us already have these specific seats secured which is why few remain on the chart.

According to posters on the Ticat forum that called the ticket office, as of yesterday they won't say if it will open for Nov 8th

its official. upper west side is open for nov 8th. ticats tweeted it