Complimentary ticket offer to Saturday's Argos game

Just got this from the Ti-Cats

COMPLIMENTARY TICKET OFFER FOR SATURDAY'S TIGER-CATS vs. ARGOS GAME IN TORONTO With the purchase of a Ticats ticket for the Nov. 8 home game at Tim Hortons Field

TigerTown is taking over Toronto! With this weekend's critical matchup against the Argonauts only days away, it's time for Ticats fans to blitz the Rogers Centre and cheer on your team as we push for the playoffs.

Purchase a silver or gold ticket to the Tiger-Cats final regular season game on Saturday, November 8 vs. Montreal and receive a complimentary ticket to the Tiger-Cats vs. Argonauts game this Saturday, October 25 , courtesy of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats (exclusive 48 hour promotional offer, while supplies last). The game kicks off at 4 p.m. at the Rogers Centre in Toronto.

This promotional offer closes on Friday, October 24 at 2 p.m. EST, so act fast!

Your ticket(s) for this Saturday's game at the Rogers Centre will be located behind the Tiger-Cats bench in the lower level, so make sure you wear your Black and Gold! Your ticket(s) will be available for pickup at the Rogers Centre Will Call located at Gate 9 starting on gameday, Saturday, October 25.

Call 905-547-2287 and speak to one of our Ticketing Representatives now to reserve your tickets today.

Oskee Wee Wee,

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats Football Club

This would be tempting if I could find more then one person to want to make the trip out to TO this week with me.

great offer. The cats probably got a good deal on the tix from the Argos seeing as they probably wouldn't have been sold at all.

Hey Pat:

Thank you for posting that!!!!

I was looking to go to the Montreal game and was debating whether or not to make the trip to Toronto. I wasn't aware there was such a deal until I read your post.

Bought my home game ticket and will be there for the game this weekend.

And I`ll finally get to see the new stadium up close and personal.

Great stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's probably a case that the Argos get a cut of that ticket, at least I hope that would be the case. Hopefully this helps us pack the Argo shack black

So, I assume from this offer, that the tickets being sold will not be needed for ssh's if the upper west side is not open Nov 8th, therefore I guess, its a safe bet that the upper west side will be operational for the Nov 8th game.

Just called the Tiger cat office and spoke with a customer service representative. He said that they are still waiting for confirmation that the upper west stand seats will be available for the November 8th game. He wasn`t willing to give odds on it.

For what it`s worth....

I tell ya what Mr. Braley, once you show me a plan that does not involve the Argos at the RC and is signed, sealed and all the t's crossed and i's dotted, then I'll buy a ticket to a Cats-Argos game at the RC. Until you show me the plan, no go. That's the deal. I don't want a complimentary ticket BTW, I want to see a plan.

Please hold your breath and stomp your feet until Braley grants your wishes.

You just can't keep your negativity to yourself.

This promo helps our home crowd too, as well as supporting the Cats by being a loud vocal Hamilton crowd at the RC.

Nobody really cares about how much you hate the RC :thdn:


Well, I'm frustrated by a few things in my life at the moment, not just the Argo situation. You know I'm always cheering for the Cats though even if it might not seem like that.

I care about Earls complaints. I don't think that constructive discussion about our issues with the product we pay for should be viewed as whining or lack of loyalty. We have a right to make things better for our money paid and most good product providers want to hear that. RC/Skydome has repeatadly ignored our concerns and we're left with no choice but to vote with our feet. I have found it gratifying that many other fans agree with me and forums like this where fans are encouraging others to attend are exactly the place to discuss our feelings.

Hey old fan. Glad to hear that!

I will say that the complimentary ticket offer is a very good thing the Cats and Argos are offering.

So a few weeks ago they sent season ticket holders an email calling Nov 8 Fan Appreciation night, and indicated that Upper West season ticket holders would get to complimentary tickets. I called to see if I could somewhere get those 2 tickets and sit anywhere in the stadium, so we could all sit together.

The rep on the phone said they are still waiting for word on whether the seats will be done. In regards to the free tickets, they wont give any tickets until they know what is available.

I can't say whether or not he was sounding confident they would be open, he simply said they are waiting to hear from the contractor.

It does however, sound like they will be taking back their offer of free tickets. He said that we may not get any tickets it turns out, but we would get something.

Based on whats available on ticket master, I would have expected them to start assigning Upper West ticket holders to seats. There are lots of seats still, but is there that many that they cant start switching us over? Perhaps this means they are really confident all seats will be open.

I would really hate to miss what could be a game to either get in the playoffs or be eliminated.

Edit - So that's weird, I just looked at the map again, and there are basically no tickets left. That sucks.

if you have season tickets, rest assured you'll have a seat for the final game on November 8th

Agree somewhat but after so many years of hearing it over and over and over....don't you think we all get it? Don't you think the Argos get it? The stadium is what it is and no matter how much hate either verbally or with your right not to's not going to change anything.
The CFL in general must know how bad the situation is in Toronto..they'll fix it or fold it. Constant negativity on every single thread that has anything to do with RC only serves to make you feel better. Does not contribute to a solution one bit. If you want the CFL to continue to grow and survive then regardless of the venue, go to the game, spend your hard earned money to support the Cats and the Argos and the CFL.

I'm sure the majority of the posters on these threads don't really care how individuals feel about the RC. Ya, its a crappy venue, ya, its hard and costly to get there...blah, blah, blah. Whining won't change it. Only MONEY will.
Got some spare change to invest?? :smiley:

You make some good points Lenny. I get what your saying but I felt some posters here were painting an inaccurate picture of peoples issues and giving the RC way too much credit. If Caretaker asks us to go, I’ll go.

I belong to a group known as the SOB's. SOUTHERN ONTARIO BOYS on facebook... Its some diehard CFL fans who cheer for the CFL first. We are mostly Argo and Ticat fans who enjoy a little healthy ribbing but in the end it's to grow our game. We get together at tailgates and we will be getting together at Skydump. Yes, we all recognise the problem. We need each other. :thup:

Think about it for a minute...maybe share a beer with an Argo might find they share your passion for "OUR GAME". :wink: Trade pleasantries rather than civil...lets work together so that the Argos will be perceived to have some value...will get sold and hopefully get a proper stadium to call home.

It will certainly be a whole lot sweeter beating a strong team on solid ground in their own stadium. :thup: :thup:

You should relay your message to the Argonauts management and staff :roll: