Completely screwed out of a win by officials and the coach.

That TD called back was a joke. The officiating was a joke. But to go for it, when this team has not been good on 3rd and short all year, when you NEED to punt at the end of the game should be the deathnell for Popp. Absolutely horrid coaching decision!!!!

Punt it, and let your D which played GREAT today, stop them.

hey man to call the game due to officiating is a joke, your coach made a horrible call and my defense made a fantastic play. i think the refs were alot more giving to your guys. one of the best games of the year i say.

It was a great game, and officiating didn't cost us the game, the fact that Winnipeg's D-line is better than our O-line is what cost us the game. Simply put, the better team won.

And......the officials got the call right, Ashlan Davis was down before the ball crossed the plane of the goal line.

I agree and disagree.

I agree the better team won, and the refs DID NOT cost us the game.

I disagree that the refs got the call right by calling back the Davis TD. I think the only conclusive evidence, would of been if they had the overhead view, to see if the ball had crossed or not.

Officiating absolutely DID cost us the game because Davis WAS in. Look at the replay. Before he goes out of bounds the ball breaks the plane. That's all you need. And even if it didn't, there certainly was NOT conclusinve evidence to overturn the call.

The better team did NOT win. The Als played far better than Winnipeg did with the exeption of two short yardage plays, one of which we should never have run.

Want to try that again in English?

Refs gave us a lot?...what horsesh**.

Davis was clearly a bit short of the endzone if you watch the replays youll see that CBC was focusing on the wrong leg. One of his legs did touch the goal line and that was the side the ball was on so it did break the plane of the goal line but his other leg was already on the ground when that happened and was clearly outside the endzone so it should not have been a touchdown. If it was called no TD initially I doubt it would've even garnered a challenge from the als. I was shocked when the refs originally called it a TD so good job on them for getting the call right this time

what hold on a cry baby out of quebec holy **** thats nothing new. You guys have only done that since you were lucky enough to be a part if this nation.

OK sorry i am not good at a keyboard and i am the first to admit it. but really to beleive you got screwed by the refs is just plain obsurd. ike charlton got him before the line and yanked his panzy *** down before it. i don't give a horses **** the guys knee touched the plane, his upper body was being pulled back and the ball never crossed. you gotta be blind to say it went in. and really both teams got bad calls against them and i also agreed with almost every one against the blue and gold.

Popp made f-ing brutal call my #1 dline owned your oline and stopped ur qb and we came back and won. Better team made the plays when they had to. So please stop the water works before we have to open the flood way.

Wow...what a bunch of whining...are you guys not aware that this is the CFL, where officiating is terrible pretty much all the time?

well put kubie well put

There is a redicilous post if I ever saw one.
You say there were bad calls against Wpg but you agree with them.
Thats posting just to stir the post if you ask me.

i say both temas had bad calls agains them and that i agreed with alot against winnipeg, meaning there are still some i didn't like but you get used to it in the cfl. i agreed with most of the calls made against winnipeg. sorry if i made that unclear for you

it`s people like you that make us want to get out of your nation...

Sounds like a racist remark... good thing we are not jewish or I could bring you to court.

Guys, don't feed ignorant, bigoted trolls. Let the mods handle it. :slight_smile:

wow. wasn;t aimed at a racial remark at all. i just threw out it as a sense on humor to those who see it that way. sorry to offend. i actually have alot of friends from quebec that are great people. maybe crossed the line but i said what i said. i know what my opinion is and for the most part i respect alot of people from quebec and others i don;t but i have that opinion about everywhere.

That in its self is a racest remark