Complete turnaround in attitude by the media

It was needed and it was hoped for but I am completely shocked at how quick Boivin, Reed and Chappy have changed the image of the organization and have been "adopted" by the Montreal media.

I haven't seen this kind of interest and warm outlook by the media since Marv Levy's seventies squad. It's jarring. Even Herb has toned it down and seems willing to give them an opportunity.

As an added bonus they aren't expecting a Championship team out of the gate. I think an exciting and competitive team will be acceptable to the media.

Now for the jarring stuff (in a good way). Never seen this kind of coverage over a month away from the season.

Herb's off season review interview with Kavis.

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Anne Etienne's entertainment section Q&A with Coach

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Mathieu Boulay's Off season review with Kavis

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Kavis French interview with Mathieu Boulay

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CKAC Jacques Chapdelaine interview with Popp number one hater Langlois

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Interview with Patrick Boivin by RC

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Only notable POS is LaPresse who are in boycott mode (Maciocia factor) Their loss....

So Congratulations to all of them. Hard work and kindness pays off :slight_smile:

Same positive reflections here. Quite refreshing!


Imagine in the first sports pages of Journal de Montréal they are talking about the Alouettes. Not the Impact playing this afternoon, not last night's hockey game in Ottawa, no, the Alouettes. I don't recently remember that in the off-season,although beginning of training camp is "à nos portes".

Let's hope that winning will accompany the team in the beginning of the season,despite the fact that it will be a tough schedule for the first 4 games. They will have to beat Saskatchewan for their first regular season game on June 22,2017.


Obviously too early to know how the season will go, but I certainly got a sense that Reed, Raiche, and Deslauriers put in a lot of hard work in the off-season.

And probably the marketing people also, as witnessed by the Nolinor airplane deal.

I agree. They worked hard and they worked well together. Not much experience but Smart hard work trumps everything else.

Hfx I like your referral back to Marv's era as the criteria with which to access our present level of administration competence.It fits !!!!


Alouette alumni are working on trying to get Marv Levy inducted into the Canadian Football Hall of Fame. He`ll soon be 92.

And his 1977 Grey Cup winning team will be honored during the Oct. 22 Hamilton game.

You would think that between Larry Smith and Mark's almost 20-year reign that would be done a long time ago. Something maybe Boivin could lend a hand in.

There absolutely can't be any hiccups this year especially the beginning of the season. I think fans have given them one last chance to make up for the last couple of caca years. Just look at the Impact who people claimed untouchable, they are losing and playing boring soccer people will just not go same goes for the Alouettes. I am hard on all my Montreal teams. I always want my team to win. I accept losing but not when the team is run by a bunch of dummies. The pieces are all in place for the Alouettes to compete. Will see what happens

Hey Mike, welcome back man.

[i]It further demonstrates the toxic relationship Popp had, and fostered with the media. Popp was also in practice the President's boss. Not on paper, but in reality he was.

Now everyone has a clearly defined role, and the chain of command or hierarchy is respected. :thup: [/i]

Wow !!! Marv Levy isn't in the Hall ? I always thought he was already inducted . I honestly can't believe that a great coach and person like Levy has been somehow overlooked for this long . The man coached the Al's to three Grey Cup appearances in his five years in Montreal and won the Cup twice in that time . Levy not being in the CFL HOF is a true travesty of justice considering he was inducted into the NFL HOF in 2001 . If anybody deserves a place in the Hall it's Levy , a coach who had much success on both sides of the border and IMO one of the greatest head coaches of all time in football period be it CFL or NFL his record speaks for itself .

This is very good news for the Als. And the plane too which is a real front office ( Boivin?) coup.

Just a real feeling of revitalization going on there after some staleness set in.

Does it genuinely feel that Durant has settled in or too soon to tell?

And to top it off I think, with the Popp hiring in Toronto, Montreal has no more dead money on the payroll? Finally. Just adds $500,000 to bottom line!!

I certainly agree. In his 5 years the Als made the playoffs all 5, 3 Grey Cup appearances, 2 wins. 7 of his players were inducted into the Hall of Fame - Junior Ah You, Wally Buono, Peter Dalla Riva, Ed George, Dickie Harris, Glen Weir, Dan Yochum. He was also largely responsible for blocking on punt returns being introduced in 1975. He of course went on to his NFL Hall of Fame career, but was always appreciative of his CFL roots.

The only thing working against him might be his lack of CFL longevity - only 5 years. Larry Smith and Wally Buono are on the case. We shall see.

Apparemment, il n'y a que RDS qui couvre le camp des recrues. Même La Tribune n'a dépêché personne. Aucun progrès de ce côté.

Don't jump to conclusions. Rookie camp was always closed to the media. I suspect you will see the media show up next week. Herb did an interview with Deondre Wright.

The only team getting coverage for their mini-camp is Winnipeg and they are having it right in town in their game stadium.

C'est certain qu'il va y en avoir beaucoup plus dimanche. C'est toujours le cas. Ceci dit, c'est par la suite que nous verrons si la couverture médiatique se sera réellement améliorée. Une hirondelle ne fait pas le printemps.

Par ailleurs, je doute que le camp des recrues soit fermé aux média, puisque Didier est sur place.

Doesnt look like even the interns showed up yesterday. <!-- s:D -->:D<!-- s:D --> Team hasnt posted any photos or videos of Day 2.

And speaking of the interns, if in fact this forum is monitored, can someone be so kind as to remove one of the Chad Bushleys from the English roster and put Martin Bedard in proper alphabetical order. Sorry to be so pedantic. I was happy to see the roster updated yesterday.