Complete House Cleaning Happening

8) According to the TiCat site regarding the Assistant Coaches, all of them have been removed as of today.
  Since Cortez will have complete control over Football Operations, it would appear that he most definitely will hire all
   new assistants for the Cats this season.

    He may decide to keep one or two around for some sense of continuity, but at this point in time it looks like a 
     complete housecleaning is happening !!

Where on the site is that posted?

8) Go to, and click on Team. Follow down to Coaches/Football Ops.

Yes, from that it looks like the only one being retained, at this point, is Darrell Adams as strength and conditioning coach.

Thanks Tipper.

Its very important that a head coach bring in assistants that subscribe to his coaching philosophy and
relate well to himself and the other assistants on a personal basis.

We can count on a full scale house cleaning.

Even Mr Obie has seen his responsabilities reduced. Demotion? I say yes. Cortez is/will probably earn more than him. Reminds me of structure in Saskatchewan in 2011 and 2010. The GM cannot fire the Head Coach. All football responsabilities belong to Mr Cortez.

I am positive that Mr Young decided that George Cortez will be hired, no matter the objections of some/his asking price/responsabilities. Mr Obie will most definitely retire in 2012/after 2012 season.


I'm sure you're right that Obie will leave after this coming season. I might consider his reduced role more part of the plan than a demotion. Maybe Obie won't even wait that long to hang it up. I wonder more about Womack's situation-- I had thought he was being groomed to take over from Obie. Now, with Cortez as Director of Football Operations, I'm not sure whether Womack's expectations will be fulfilled. Not sure how much of an issue that is for the team, it might be one for Joe.

8) You're right "stevehvh", regarding Joe Womack. Since he was being groomed to eventually take over from Obie, this
  latest move obviously changes everything for now.

   George, I would assume is very familiar with Joe, due to their years in the CFL.
    Joe may be retained in his current role of Director of Player Personnel, or there  is also the chance he will just decide to
     move on somewhere else to continue his football career.

      Nothing is guaranteed in this business, that's for sure.  Things and circumstances can change overnight !!

The comments of the posters in this thread are based on assumptions

about what George Cortez's title "Director of Football Operations" means.

If those assumptions are incorrect those speculations could be very different.

I wouldn't assume that Obie will put his tail between his legs and bow out soon.

Here are some of[?] the assigned responsibilities of George Cortez and Obie.
- Cortez signed a four-year deal that puts him in upper echeleon
  • though not the highest paid - of CFL coaches.

  • Cortez's director of football operations title gives control

over roster decisions - who comes on and off the 53-man roster –

That's not a big threat to Obie's authority

Maybe George has other responsibilities that are

but it's not likely that any of us fans really know.

but general manager Bob O'Billovich retains day-to-day control

over player personnel (recruiting players, negotiating contracts,

running free agent camps.) Scouts still report to Obie.

A complete house cleaning sounds like a good idea. Everything needed some tweaking, from the run blocking to the pass rush. Since Cortez has such vast experience with many connections, then let him hand pick an elite roster of coaches and co-ordinators. This off-season is turning out to be quite fascinating.

8) Ron, I started this post regarding a housecleaning of Asst. Coaches, and when I said that Cortez has the power to
  hire his assistants, I was not wrong !!
  That was not an assumption at all.

   Even the link from Drews scratching post verifys that fact.

    "George has complete control over his staff"  !!!

53 man roster? Since when? NFL OK but CFL 46 man roster.


+7 on the PR

How quickly things have changed around here...

Only 2 days ago some fans here seemed more upset than those North Koreans

I saw on the TV news wailing the loss of their supreme leader, Kim Jong-il,

Training Camp was only six months away and we had no Head Coach yet.

Why was that such a big deal? Obie said he wanted his Head coach signed

by the first week in January, so things are happening according to schedule.

Apparently, Mr. Cortez will announce who his coaches are on Tuesday Jan. 10.

if this off season is like every other off season, Mr Cortez's new coaches

won't be required to report to Ivor Wynne until March, another 10 weeks.

I wasn't referring to George Cortez's authority to hire his own coaches, Tipper.

That right is very common place. I was referring to assumptions regarding

what Obie WILL DO[?] do and what Joe Womack will do[?], now that Mr. Cortez is here.

It burns me that people want to find reasons for Obie to ride off into the sunset.

Joe Womack was hired to Tiger-Cats football operations player personnel staff

and as Assistant G.M. but it doesn't appear to me that Obie is grooming him

to be his successor as G.M. He didn't appear to be around during the season.

My guess is that he spends his time mainly with our U.S. Scouting.

Shawn Burke definitely assists Obie with some G.M. administrative work.

Ron, I hope you're not referring to me. I've been a staunch supporter of every move the Cats have made so far in the off-season and have defended Obie in several of my posts. After the post-season I suspected that there would be sweeping changes and am very pleased with the progress. :smiley:

The division of responsibilities between Obie and Cortez seems a bit fuzzy to me.

Who reports to whom here anyway?

Cortez is Head Coach and Director of Football Operations, but Obie is still the General Manager. If I recall correctly, the last time we had a Head Coach and Director of Football Ops rolled into one it was Ron Lancaster, and there was no separate GM. RL became GM when Greg Marshall came on as Head Coach.

It appears that in the new setup Obie is in charge of recruiting and negotiating contracts, while Cortez is in charge of deciding who is on the 53 man roster (someone pointed out that this means the 46 man game roster + 7 PR). If what Obie is doing is recruiting people Cortez then reviews and approves (which would make sense), what are Joe Womack's responsibilities as Assistant GM and Director of Player Personnel?

At present it seems a little top-heavy to me. I'm not sure we need all three of these senior football management roles. I look forward to seeing things clarified. Maybe that will happen on Tuesday at the introductions event.

Whatever we learn Tuesday, I won't be surprised to see some streamlining take place over the next few months. I suspect either Obie will be moving toward a well-earned retirement, or else Womack will move elsewhere.

For what it's worth, stevehvh, I am at practices every day

and gave my opinion on that in my post back a few posts.

Obie took the job wanting to win a Grey Cup for us. He knew how old he was at that time.

So did Scott Mitchell. Why quit before then? The job is almost done. He lives 20 or 30 minutes from here.

He doesn't bust his rump digging up contacts stateside. Obie has a rolodex full of contacts.

My guess is he gets satisfaction staying active in the game for 4-8hrs a day

More than he would get if he sat around those same hours with a bum hip.

Joe is doing very little G.M. work, if any. He scouts NCAA players that he learns about

from HIS and Obie's contacts [agents and coaches]and scouts at NFL training camps.

Good reads, gotta know the players stateside who are willing to come up here.