Complete Frustration

I'm not sure how much I can watch the TiCats and the CFL. My blood pressure is through the roof after todays debacle.

They come out and totally dominate Montreal in the first half, but leave a bunch of points on the board. Then in the second half they make few adjustments and completely implode, and give up more points to Montreal than they have scored all year. Come on!

To make matters worse, the referees and maybe more so the command center make a number of questionable calls that screw the Ti-Cats.

What's the point of having a review when it's clear they still don't get the call right. At least three times I felt like a call was missed. The interception returned for a touchdown, Grant could not make the catch because the DB had his left arm pinned, then the Cats stop Montreal on the one yard line and have the QB going backwards and the refs let the play continue until another Montreal player can push the QB over the goal-line, and if that's not enough Luke Tasker has his jersey pulled to the point that his momentum is halted and the pass interference is not called. The last one was the real kicker, and made me less surprised to see the first two happen. It was like they were afraid to overturn anything.

Why am I not surprised the command center is in Toronto!

BTW coaches, Masolli cannot run the QB sneak! At least after a game and a half they recognized that Koch cannot return kicks, or maybe he was hurt and they had to take him out.

Really frustrated to see the Ti-Cats, who I feel are a better team get beat by Montreal! It looks like we may have to wait until next year for a real team to show up on the field, just like the stadium.


I for one would like to see the Redneck take the ball on 2nd and less than 1/2 a yard.

THIS summarizes this game in a nutshell

Complete Frustration, this should have been a Cake Walk for the Cats but they always leave the back door open for other teams to slide back in, instead of playing tough football after the first half and continue scoring in the second and running up the score they have to get conservative, great way to lose.

PJ, you nailed it with the thread title. I've never been as frustrated with this team/league/tsn as I am right now.

the only positive I took from this game was I quit watching it after the 3rd and got my hedge trimmed. Same crap game after game.

We will not advance with the duo of Austin/Condell. Their game plan cannot compete with the likes of Hufnagel/Dickenson or Chamblin/Cortez. Those team pound the opposing defences with a solid running game which then allows them to go deep and stretch the field. Our offensive play calling is very vanilla and so predictable. You got guys like Ellingson and Fantuz whose talents are being wasted. They're running nice routes 15-20 yards down the field and we end up throwing 3 yard sideline passes. These problems will continue since Austin will not relieve his buddy of the OC position.

With no offence intended, why does a fan of a 2-6 team think that a game in the other team's ballpark is going to be a cakewalk? All other things being equal, you shouldn't expect to win a road game. If you win it, great. If you dominate, even better. But it's not a guarantee for a struggling team (and Montreal and Hamilton are both struggling teams).

I'll tell you why....

This 2 and 6 team has shown MORE than the 3 and 7 team that has won today...

That's why!

8) How right you are !!!
  Just a pathetic performance,  however some die hards will say the ref screwed us, instead of blaming the team,
  and the coaching staff !!     <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

Welcome back Welder!!

Can I blame all 3? :lol:

You can't write cheques off potential. The fact is, both teams had exactly two wins heading into today's game. So evidently Hamilton has had just as much trouble, in its own way, as Montreal. And neither team has won a road game yet this season. But you expected a cakewalk at Molson Stadium?

Yea.. where the Als have been so dominant....where they are 3 and, AFTER today

Bring on the RIDERS see you all Saturday where we will defeat the Riders and still be undefeated at OUR new Home Tim Hortons Stadium.

And where Hamilton hasn't won a regular season game in about 12 years.

( Oh, I think I'll replay that Kevin Glenn OT playoff win)


Irrelevant this year.... that stat means NOTHING!!!

Attention fans bring paper Bags to put over your heads if we get spanked on the 14th sends The Ticats a message hope and prey we can beat the champs?! :?

your dreaming bud