Complete 1967 Grey Cup Game

If you've got some time to spend, watch the complete 1967 Grey Cup televison broadcast including pre-game and post-game show. It has been broken down in 22 segments which run approx. 9 minutes each. I loved seeing all the old commercials which have been included, as well as the playing of "God Save The Queen" preceding " O Canada", as well as a stadium fly-over with a message from radio station CHML saying "Go Cats Go". The particular segment below (part 4) shows defensive coach Joe Restic introducing his starting defence (the greatest in Ticat history) and the intoduction of both teams starting offence. It's a great blast from the past and one of Hamilton's greatest triumphs in Grey Cup history. Enjoy!!!

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Not sure what I think of the name of the fellow who posted these videos. Click on the link to see what I mean.

8) Thanks MP. Brings back some great memories for sure !!
 I was at that Grey Cup in Ottawa, and to this day, it remains my favourite TiCat game of all time.

 Complete and utter domination by that great 67 TiCat defence. 

 I think that it was the best defence ever assembled in the CFL (at least for the last 4 regular season games, playoff
 game and Grey Cup)   No touchdowns against them, at all  !!!     <!-- s:thup: -->:thup:<!-- s:thup: -->

What is really scary after watching some of that is that it's from 67 and of better content than TSN. They actually explain things rather than repeat the same mindless phrases over and over.

Other than Forde I can't stand any of them.

8) Actually, Forde is a joke also !!
 He stated that Jonathan Brown of the Argos was playing in his first game of the year, last game.

 Brown returned to the Argo lineup several games ago  !!

Thats cool ...right on Thankz

The end zone looks huge , does anyone know how many yards it is ?

Back then it was 25 yards deep compared to only 20 now.

They reduced the endzones to 20 yards when the dome opened in Vancouver in about 1986. That's all it could fit. So they reduced all the endzones then in all the other stadiums too. Too bad, I enjoyed the deep endzones, it made it tougher to kick the ball through the zone for a single point, and there was so much room there for receivers on offense.

The first clip starts off at

Classic stuff.

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Someone used the word anus.


The '67 Cats were a great team. I was 15 then and a big fan of Tommy Grant (did you notice that he was constantly adjusting his pants in the huddle?!). I watched the entire 22 clips and was just as excited now as I was then...

I think they should show this film to the secondary of the 2009 Cats. They could learn a lot on how to defend on the pass from guys like Garney Henley (the greatest Cat of them all!), and the 2 Bobs, Richardson and Krouse.

I hope you all saw the TV shot of Mayor Copps near the kick-off, and PM Pearson saying he was a Tiger Cat fan?


Awesome videos. I just started watching it. Maybe someone should show these to our Cats especially since we're about to face them in what almost feels like a play off game. And did anyone see Billy Van in that first Labatts 50 commercial?

This was a great memory for me. The epitome of 1960s, tough Ticat football. My parents got their first colour TV in time for that game and we watched it that way… kind of funny to see it in B&W now.

A few neat things I noticed but had forgotten…

They didn’t use the term “sack” back then, they always said the QB was “thrown for a loss”.
Zuger did a fair bit of option play tosses.
Ticats were very quick to snap the ball as soon as they got to the line of scrimmage… really played at a fast pace that seemed to set a tone that we knew just what we were doing and didn’t need to waste any time getting down to business.
Ed Buchanan almost made two consecutive long TD receptions beating Barrie Hansen in the first quarter but dropped both passes (I remember the second one over the middle).
Willie Bethea played a really great game.
How hard and icy the field was in Ottawa that game. I remember it was cold but didn’t recall the icy field.
Riders played four Western Conference playoff games to get to the GC game… three in a week in the final versus Calgary… they had to be pretty beat up by GC time.

Great to see the quick kicks, from Zuger and also from Alan Ford who scored Riders’ only point all game that way on an 85 yarder.

Tough going for punt returners then with no blocking allowed on returns.

Thanks for posting the video links.

First I have to point out that the earliest recollection of a Ticat football game for me was the 72 Cup. So watching this is an extreme pleasure and what a different game from then to now.

  1. Kick offs from the 45.
  2. The wide hash marks and as earlier noted, deeper endzone.
  3. The designations of players, i.e. Flankers, Ends, Half backs and Full backs but no "Running back".
  4. The dual roles of some players, Zuger: QB and Punter, Coffey: End? and Kicker. "Receivers" to receive kicks and punts.
  5. The real pleasure....watching only ONE commercial before returning back to the game. And what great commercials....BEER. (Even if it is Labatts).
  6. Very minimal flags, i.e I think in half a game I only saw one "holding" penalty.
  7. The quick kick on second down. Interesting, especially when it was a fake quick kick in order to open up a zone when the defender ran back to recover what he perceived to be a kick.

Man oh man what a game! Thanks for the heads up,I was 13 at the time of that game.

Awesome post, awesome game.
They sure didn't waste any time on short passes, did they? I think every one I have seen so far (first half) has been at least 15-20 yards, most much longer....long bombs indeed!