I think I need to voice my opinion! The food is way overpriced why don't they have combos like McDonalds??? The team plays like a bunch of girls, the music is awful. People talk too much and I can't hear the game. You can't smuggle in your own food or drinks! The announcer is brutal and constantly makes mistakes. I hate the uniforms, they're terrible. The new logo is awful. The coaches have to go!!! The new style of the videoboard looks bad! Flowers in the washrooms was a stupid idea, who cares??? They let in too many kids! They don't let in enough kids. The people beside me swear too much. The people in front of me drink too much! The lady beside me is too fat and spills in to my seat. Beer is way overpriced we should be able to bring our own! In fact... we should be able to bring in a picnic basket and a habachi so we can cook our own food. Lets have general admission seating so we can sit where we want. In fact, lets coach the team ourselves and get Johnny down the street to play quarterback, he's pretty good! My daughter would make a better cheerleader than the ones they have.....................

DID I LEAVE ANYTHING OUT????????????????????

Of course I did.............................
Way too many commercials! Show me the replays so I can complain about every player on our team! I didn't get a free give-away last game because I didn't show up on time but I'll complain anyway! The security guard took my twinkie. He also wouldn't let me bring my dog in although I bought a seat for him and he is under two, couldn't he sit on my lap?



Can't we just be happy to have football in Hamilton and have an organization that cares about the team and the fans?????

Since you have no parking complaint, you must be walking to games. You are a very smart person.

we do??????? where?

I'd like to complain that the flags atop the stadium never seem to wave in the same directon at the same time......they're out of sync it seems....can we get this fixed?

It aggravates the heck out of me. Who's department is this anyhow?


Mother Nature, and shes an ARGO FAN :smiley:

funny post...
filing a complaint that people complain too much..

i trust though that many gripes would evaporate if the product on the field (which is the whole point of this whole
thing) was either:

  1. competitive
  2. winning

You can't please everybody, but when the team is not up to its 5 year plan, or even remotely close to where they should be in the 'winning product' department...

people will complain -and they should..since not doing so indicates apathy...and that would be the worse situation-- a following who doesn't care.

I bet Bob would shudder if after a bad loss like last week... there were only two posts ....

There's a fine line between a complaint and whining...and I honestly believe the majority of people here aren't whining.
True we do have great owner.
We still have a team!
Things have turned the corner around Hamilton...

But all that is jackspit if the team is losing and losing badly time and time again.

M: I want to complain.

C: You want to complain. Look at these shoes. I’ve only had them a week and the heels have worn right through.

M: No. I want to complain about…

C: If you complain nothing happens. You might as well not bother.

M: Oh.

C: Oh, my back hurts, it’s not a very fine day, and I’m sick and tired of this office.

Yeah,and I want to complain about the flyovers.Why does it always seem to be the Harvard and/or Expeditor? How about the Firefly now and then ????

And what is with the Chipmunk doing a west-to-east flypast, when all other flyovers are east-to-west ????

These issues must be addressed !!!! :wink:

I am laughing at all this complaining if we didnt have football what we do then,i am sad the way the season is going but i wear my hitchcock jersey to every game my argos suck button and scream and holler, fly my ticat flag on my car and wear a ticat shirt to work after every game win or lose :smiley:

I smell a Leafs fan

That's it, too many Leaf fans in this area. Hab fans are much more subtle with voicing their grievances and complaints.

No winning wont stop the complaints . Some people just arent happy unless they are complaining . The music , the cost of food , the type of food , the price of beer ect ect ect ect ....

You can walk into any stadium in pro sports and the food will be over priced .You know this before you enter so why complain ? Its never gonna change , its like gas , they know we need it so they jack the price up .

Just go to the games and make the best of it . Bring enough money to buy somthing or do without simple as that . Complaining on here wont change a thing .

The cheerleaders are always ina good mood why cant you be ??? By the way they are worth the price of admission !!!!

I think Bob should put up a special window for complaints at the stadium.
Dress up a mannequin in Ticat colours and have a recording that every couple of minutes says "can I get back to you on that" or "we'll look into it right a way". Some people just want to heard. :slight_smile: