Complaint lodged to the CFL by Montreal reporter against Alouettes Front Office

what is so serious about it?

Putting your hands on someone in a rough fashion is serious, isn't it?

Especially a reporter. A team desperate for media coverage like few can’t start doing this kind of stuff.

I wish it was the worse that ever happen to me. What are we today, a bunch of sissies?

No, I don’t think it is so serious. Also, odds are the media guy probably deserved it.

There was this unfortunate incident in 1965 of Als HC Jim Trimble laying a licking on Montreal Star Als beat reporter Ian MacDonald.,3535633&dq=ian-macdonald+trimble&hl=en

Yeah, I'm pretty hot about the liar liar pants on fire article that JM's teammates hate him. I would like to know who spread that lie and hold them accountable.

At the risk of starting another argument...why are you so sure its a lie?

You probably deserved your beatings too.

John Bowman is as a safe bet as you will find.

actually, the only person that ever seriously beat me was my mother, but she stopped doing that after the childrens aid took me away from her for the third time. Guess my mother thought I deserved it.

I might defend a media type from being beaten, but not just poked and pushed around. Then again, chauvinist that I am, I would problem step in to defend female media from anything any guy would do to them.


But some players have to much class to admit it even if it was true

But I don’t think I have to remind you about how I feel about the media

I feel the same as you. I just don’t know how roughing up a reporter does anything for them. Especially this management.

When the GM looks at Bruno Heppell in the eye last week and tells him the main reason he traded two first round pick, Westerman and Williams was not Manziel but about a 32 year old import tackle, who’s never been very good your treating the media like dumbaszes.

Herb of the Gazette is around the team more than anyone. You know if there were issues with Manziel and teammates he`s a guy who would take great joy in reporting it.

Yeah that is very true.....
But IMO he is the most unreliable of the all
Has he been around the locker room lately?

He was out for medical reasons for over a month.

Surprised the name and details have not appeared in the media yet.

Yeah, I’d like to know also.