Complaint lodged to the CFL by Montreal reporter against Alouettes Front Office

Paul Arcant states that a member of the Montreal media has filed a complaint with the CFL after being abused and physically touched (poked and pushed around) by a member of the Montreal Football Ops. He also states that the beat guys can’t wait for the season to end so they don’t have to cover the team until next spring…


If true, this is horrible. Who would do such a thing?

I doubt it would be sleepy Joe.

No idea, he does not give the slightest hint about the circumstance or who the reporter is. But you know they didn’t rough up Didier :)or Bruno :)or Pierre :slight_smile:

You don't want to make those guys mad! :slight_smile:

Since the Journal de MTL has been critical of the team these past few weeks, maybe it is one of their reporters.

Johnny can't imagine someone pushing around Herb, who is barely out of a hospital bed. That would be so scummy.

Technically, there are 28 possible suspects:


We should make a screen save of this page. If someone "disappears" from the page in a few days, we'll have a "winner"!

I don’t buy it for a second…Why complain to the league? Complain to the Als brass.

Montreal Media or,most probably Journal de Montreal Media did not attend too many practices or games. On the few occasions they wrote it was negative. Possible that someone thought that he/she or they was/were “intrus”.


If you’re roughed up you file a police report.

What’s the league going to do, fine the guy half a game pay check?

No question some pretty harsh things have been written but those are opinions and are absolute freedom of the press.

If I was to guess, the story that would warrant some real angry feelings is the one about Manziel being despized by his teammates. That one was way out of line unless you have multiple individuals to back up the story.

They probably filed a report with the head of media relations for the league. I don't suspect we will hear anything, it will bet burried in with the rest of the dumpster fire season.


Just another “negative” to add to this season.

Hopefully it was Reed and it gets him dumped … but my guess is that it is a trumped up exaggeration.

I often feel the desire to push a few media types around.

The Fake News...

The Alouettes and the CFL need to address this. They cannot stay silent on this.


Because a serious accusation has been made! Better to get out in front of it.