Complain to London Drugs and Baffin Boots

Write to London Drugs and Baffin Boots
They are holding a Grey Cup contest that is not open to Quebec residents

I already wrote to them both and to the league to complain

Écrivez à London Drugs et Baffin Boots
Ils organisent une compétition de la Coupe Grey qui n’est pas ouverte aux résidents du Québec

Je leur ai déjà écrit à tous les deux ainsi qu’à la ligue pour me plaindre

Quebec laws complicate things for contests by companies, including fines for said companies. I don’t know all the legal ramifications but I’ve known for a long time that rules for contests in Quebec are problematic for companies & many if not most companies will exclude Quebec from inclusion. Blame your government, not the CFL.


The want Quebec buisness? Do what it takes to include Quebec.
And believe me, its not complicated to do so

The details involved between doing & not doing are beyond my expertise. I don’t have a legal mind at the best of times. All I really know is I’ve seen ’ offer not valid in Quebec’ (or similar) countless times, & it always comes down to Quebec laws that frighten these companies away.


Sorry no,
It has noting to do with it

We’ll have to disagree, I feel your government has everything to do with this. Cheers.


Write a letter to you provincial government . That is who stopped you from entering the contest

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Yeah ok 10 characters

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from the article:

Quebec’s sweepstakes laws are designed to protect its residents from scammers , to ensure there’s a level playing field, and to guarantee that prizes are awarded as promised. Which, of course, is a good goal for them to have.

However, those robust consumer protections cost sweepstakes sponsors money and resources that they might not have available to spend on the giveaway. Furthermore, the consequences of running afoul of those laws, even by mistake, are severe.

For example, for sweepstakes with prizes worth more than a certain value to be open to residents of Quebec, the companies sponsoring the sweepstakes must take some or all of the following steps:

  • Register the sweepstakes rules and all advertisements used to promote the contest with the Quebec government at least 30 days ahead of the sweepstakes’ launch.
  • Publish the full text of the sweepstakes’ rules at least 10 days before the giveaway begins.
  • Pay a fee of up to 10% of the sweepstakes’ value, depending on who is allowed to enter.
  • Agree to allow the government of Quebec to mediate any lawsuits arising from the contest.
  • Follow strict guidelines about the contents of the sweepstakes rules.
  • Allow the government of Quebec the right to approve any changes that need to be made once the contest has started, and to approve canceling the giveaway if it becomes necessary to do so.
  • File a written report after the contest has concluded, attesting that the prizes have been delivered or attempted to be delivered.
  • Agree to let the RACJ mediate any disagreements with the public.
  • File security in the amount of the prize value, to ensure that the prizes are actually awarded.
  • Offer the sweepstakes rules in French as well as English.
  • Follow a number of other rules and guidelines listed under Quebec’s Sweepstakes Laws.

These requirements are more difficult to follow than those of other Canadian provinces, as well as most areas of the United States.


Right…bottom line is they dont want to pay the…guarantee fee
All the others only apply if the winner is in Quebec
Not doing business with them will cost far more

Many if not most contests are open to Quebec, these should be as well


I will say this once only: using this thread as an excuse to make fun of Quebec will absolutely not be tolerated. Govern yourselves accordingly.

Then why doe no entity want to do so.
Just asking because I xo not know. But it does seem no north American company wants to do what it takes to give away free stuff in Quebec. They must olso have valid reasons that Quebec don’t care to address… Always two sides to coming to an accord

Its not 'No" entity most are valid in Quebec
Why one does and one does not, only they know
And 8 million people not wanting to buy their product should convince them of the error of their ways

Again, not true

Right…and Quebec not doing business with them is the strongest side

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To the best of my knowledge London Drugs does not even have a retail presence in Quebec at all

So why would you think they would go out of their way to register with your government and pay money to them???

Anyhow vast majority of contests / lotteries / ect always have a subscript excluding Quebec residents and I am sure the draconian language laws will do nothing to entice them to work together

Disputes about the contest have to be resolved in Quebec if someone from Quebec can enter, G&S would have to file securities for the prizes in advance, publish rules in advance of each giveaway, and the legal fees/fines can skyrocket if any particular aspect of the contest isn’t done correctly. In some ways, it’s similar to how some states don’t allow unregulated lotteries. Yes, the value of most prizes is under $2000, but the risk and paperwork involved can make it seem much easier to just not let Quebecois from playing.

Your own government even went so far as to say “changes were coming” but notice date; just before covid and it pretty much dissapeared after that


Nor do they in Ontario
But they are owned by someone or owns someone that probably does…

And language laws have nothing to do with it

totally agree . Big market there. But my question was why do many companies have the caviat not valid in Quebec… I also see credit card companies have smaller interest fees in Quebec too, only one percent but I alwYs wondered about that too

In my opinion they don’t want to pay the lets call it an entrance fee,My point is to show them that loss of business will cost them far more

So a tax on on place?
Companies hate taxes .

No London drugs and Baffin are stopping me by chosing not to include Quebec…many others do

Lets put an end to this right now
Note the name of the contest

Note the winner(obviously Quebec was included)

And this is what I won