Complain to CFCF Montreal!

I had the misfortune of watching the CFCF 12 news tonight. I expected a nice feature on the Als opening game tonight. The sports featured the Canadiens signings, fair enough. Then came the Impact who are playing a friendly against Haiti tonight. I'm not so sure this is more important than the Als first game but I can live with it. Then to really piss me off, the third item on the sports was.........wait for!!!!! No mention of the Als during the sports report at all! Nada! During the wrapup just before signoff the sports announcer finally mentioned that the Als were playing Calgary. I'm furious! I think we should all call or email CFCF to complain about their lack of coverage.

Comments appreciated.

Here’s the email address:

I complained. Will you?

What in the world???

I can't believe they would do that.

CJAD jut had a newscast, and had mentioned nothing about the Als. All interviews with the newest Canadiens and Bob Gainey. Horrible.

The way the Als have been "dealing" with the media, this was bound to happen.

I'm glad to see that I wasn't the only who noticed this last night during the news. I was shocked to see that there was no mention of the Als during the Sportscast. Yes, mention the other Montreal sport teams, except the Als, until the final minute of the news signing off. You'd expect better recognition for a team that hosted the Grey Cup last November in Montreal. Poor coverage.

I received an explanation and a “mea culpa” from Paul Graif at CTV Montreal. It was a polite response in which he explained how hectic the day was with all the action surrounding the Canadiens but he did agree that the Als should have been mentioned in the newscast proper.

I suspect if he receives a few more emails asking for better Als coverage, it will have an impact (no pun intended).

While your at it, fire off an email to the Gazette about the hopeless Zeke Herbowsky and his ridiculous Als articles such as the “what can go wrong” article he wrote the other day. Not to mention his constant references to “only in the CFL” when half the time the NFL is guilty of the same or worse. He doesn’t seem to like football, so why is he covering it?

Give me a break, yes they deserve some blame, if you think it would have been any different without this, then you need a reality check. It's now Habs 24/7 365 days now. heck RDS half time show was sports 30 with all the hockey news you would want, now i am sure that' because Popp et al are making it hard on the media, sure right. Where do you get your cool aid?

We disagree :slight_smile: Reporters will cover what is easy, so making it difficult isn't helping. Nowhere did I mention Jim Popp. That's something out of your creative mind.

It's Kool-aid not cool aid and I only drink water and unsweetened berry juice. You should try, it will do wonders for your girth.... :lol:

Will do :slight_smile: and cool aid works also :slight_smile: the reference to Popp is from your past musing, you are correct you did nto mention it here. yep media are lazy that is certain, and i doubt it made that much difference, the coverage across Qc and Ontario market has been downhill, it is not just the Als, it reflects a media mindset, the guy in charge of the sports news more than likely is a guy that came from the hockey side of things. My friend in Edmonton is telling the same story, and Edmonton is media friendly, and it is the same thing, hockey 24/7 365 days a year. So laying it as Als only issue, is ignoring how things are being coverred. Half time of the Als game on RDS was 100% Habs/Hockey, there was no coverage of the Als game being played, is this because of the Als behaviour towards the media?

Having an NHL team is overwhelming no argument. I was up a couple weeks ago and you can't get away from it, it is almost bizarre !
In a way I'm glad I don't live in a city with an NHL team.

But all you need is two or three guys who are decicated to the team in the summer and the Als no longer have that for a variety of reasons..Personel conflict, media strikes, staff reductions, lack of attention by the organisation.

I think the Als have as an organisation (not a Popp thing) want to control the information for various reasons, also many of the local guys (not just Herb) told the Als when the team started issuing every player movement through press releases that they did not appreciate that.

So as a whole if you want to cover the Als

1- Your not going to get any freebees or exclusives from management.

2- Access will be limited to times and places that are convenient to the coaching staff for competitive and strategic reasons.

3- Good luck getting anyone in the organisation to commit to regular efforts (coach call in show, after game or after practice interviews)

It is what it is and IMO the team has to take partial responsability for it. Back when the Als came back to Montreal. Larry Smith made it a priority...What happened ? Success ! And W as a long time fan back to the dark days you know as much as I do that if the Als every struggle on the field if the Als have no friends in the media...

Also I was one of the few that felt Popp should have been given another season to coach...

The thing is all the guys that covered the als before Matthews coverred them, only 2 cared for the game, Herb and Arsenault, Vlemynx cared more for CIS and i admire him for that. The other from la presse et al, just did that until there was hockey to cover and they got pulled, or hoped they would be pulled. The Als did burn bridges in the Matthews years, and with Popp, but overall i also think a lot of content got shifted to the Habs over here, as much a reason as any. The best guy for ALs on the journal de montreal barely showed up. Arsenault got pulled more form it, and that would be the impact of the bad relation they have with the press, and that is sad. But it is not the only reason. I use to go to every Als practice (worked close to the Big O and being a consultant helped :wink:)
Als do need to be better with the press, but the press has to be better at covering other sports than hockey.

You guys have the same thing we do here in Taranta, hockey, hockey, hockey way too much hockey 24/7.
In fact, I would venture to say its worse here as we have the Craptors, BJays and TFC.
Its sadly unbelievable the second favourite sport in the country gets bottom feeder like coverage.

One of the few ??? You have got to be the only one...


Ok, ok no need to get nasty :lol: