If the Cats lose, let them go down snarling as they did today! It was a game that got away from them. I listened to the game today and thoroughly enjoyed it (except for the end result LOL). They can build on this effort.

Oski Wee Wee,

MAYBE we won't be the laughing-stock of the league after this game.

Boy Russ I appreciate your enthusiasm. Must be an "age" thing. I've grown tired of "could have", "should have" games. IF this franchise survives, this year may prove to be a turning point, but I don't see this team making the playoffs, and a 2-7 home record would be a significant acheivement.

NSK - keep drinking Mr Keith's finest. You will keep on making sense to yourself...

Lol're sipping on good old clean Lake Ontario Water I suppose....

ticats will get first or second in the east


Our Cats can hold their head high after this one....

Well said, Russ. There haven't been many games that came down to the very end of the game. We played hard and once a few more things click it will be much better.

One thing i dont like....We allowed the riders to put up 32 points on us with no crandell or Flick.

So next week how many points are Burris and reynolds and Ralph and copeland and lewis and rambo going to put up?

Considering there was little drop off from both their backups, I wouldn't be too worried. The Riders' strength is their depth. They aren't the most talented, but their backups are up there.

After tonights game from Durant, I think Rider fans are going to say Crandell who??

Well I believe it would be more like Marcus who but I see what you're trying to say

The Riders made the same mistake that Toronto did last week: they took the Ticats too lightly. But for the final play, the Riders would have lost.

Calgary better be on their game next week, because if they take the Cats lightly, they are going to lose. The Cats are angry and hungry: look for a physical game in Calgary next week, with the Cats coming out on top (and they wont need help from the refs to win it!)

I believe the blue team lost because they aren't good against the run, the TiCats have a strong running game, and for a nice change there's instability in Hogtown and none in the Hammer.

My observations on this loss are three-fold: no pass rush, dropped passes, and giving up a few big plays.

You can bet the DCs around the league have watched the TiCat/Blue team tape more than a few times. I'm thinking the TiCat/Stamps game will be decided by whether our OC schemes better than their DC.

A real heatbreaker, but we played 'em better than either of the west teams so far, the 'peg sucks and we already beat the Argos.
The controversy and tension will probably sell more tickets for the next game than a clear win.
All I know is I got my money's worth last night.

In Week 3 of the 2008 CFL season, each of the West Division teams defeated its East Division opponent. It will be interesting to see whether this trend continues. If it does, then the fourth place Western team would cross over into the East Division playoffs and the Ticats will need to attain second place in the East to make the playoffs this year.

8) Excellent point TCTD !!!!!!

durant had a good game and it could have gone either way. sask is probably the most balanced team in the league and we played with them. i'm thinking things will progress some more. i saw a lot of good things in yesterday's game, even though we lost.

There was some sloppy tackleing on that play by our "prevent" defence( which I'm sure Charlie will address in practice), That being said I'm very happy with the progress this team has made since game one and I am looking forward to a good game against a very strong Calgary team!