Competitive Disadvantage

I'm sure that to some this will sound like sour grapes but I ask you to think about if it was happening to your team.

3 years ago the Argonauts set a record for longest time between home games in CFL history. 2 years ago they broke that record. They broke it again this season.

Instead of 9 home games like every other team, the Argonauts had only 8 scheduled this season with the 9th being against Edmonton in Fort McMurray, Alberta.

Now they have lost another home game against Ottawa which will now take place in Ottawa and they are now down to 7 home games.

They will probably lose another 1 to 3 more home games.

How can the league actually pretend that the Argonauts are on equal footing with the other 8 teams? Where is the competitive integrity?

What can be done this season (or next season) to help to restore fairness and an even playing field for the Argonauts?

Perhaps the Argonauts should get extra home games next season?

A disgruntled Argonauts Season Ticket holder.

You should be happy. Playing on the road is pretty well the only time the Argos get to experience what it's like to play in front of a full stadium. Kidding aside, once you're in BMO, I think all this will just be a fond memory. :thup:

...which equates to removing home games from a rival team, thereby unfairly penalizing said rival teams for something they had no responsibility for...sorry, but the Argo management's inability to provide a secure home field is the Argo's problem, no one else's...

It's disappointing but not unexpected.

The light is at the end of the tunnel and the Argos will be out a stadium where they're not wanted and out of ownership's hands who doesn't want them either.

The Ti-Cats seemed to fare well playing in Guelph for the year. Yes, it's close to the fan base but they didn't have a real home for a year and a half.

I'm now at the point where I want the Jays to go deep and have the Argos finish no higher than 3rd. Put the dome and Braley era behind us ASAP.

Ottawa and somewhat Edmonton got an extra home game this season.

We'd still have the game in November regardless.

...not sure how your reply supports your argument....Ottawa is receiving an extra home game because of the Argo's problem, and the Argo's agreed to play a 'home' game in Ft. MacMurray IIRC in exchange for cash...the loss of those home games were at the Argo's expense because the Argo's decided it was give the Argo's extra home games next year penalizes a rival team for something they didn't do wrong, which is stupid...I'm not sure I can explain it any clearer than that...

They were offered to play at Timmy's in Hamilton and turned it down ! Probably because Braley felt he would lose money on the game so he sold it to Ottawa for travel expenses. I'm sure Milanovich will be glad to see Braley hit the road.

Is there a link that shows, there was an offer to play in Hamilton? Though it wouldn't surprise me that Braley just took money. If that's the case. Stamps fans....hope you don't have plans on Oct 17 :smiley:

just be happy you have a team to watch at all.

The Argonauts had to play the Fort McMurray game somewhere other than the Rogers Centre because of the Jays and the Pan Am games. The Rogers Centre didn't give them a choice.

Also there is the big difference between a neutral site game (as supposedly Fort McMurray was) and playing a home game in Ottawa against Ottawa.

They're probably still going to end up playing 1 to 3 of the October games at Tim Hortons Field.

This probably isn't the only game that's going to be moved.

I guess that we could say the same thing about Saskatchewan and their Telethons?

You're not going to get any pity from anyone in Ottawa. We went without football for 5 consecutive years and 9 consecutive years respectively.

And this was out of the fans control. So in essence, really it DID happen to our team. And for far longer than what the Argos are expereincing. So put yourself in our shoes for a moment and tell me how you would feel if you didn't have a team to cheer for in that long?

Not looking for pitty, looking for a fair / even playing field.

What happened in Ottawa sucked and I'm glad that Ottawa is back. However that is an entirely different situation than putting one team at a disadvantage against the other 8 teams.

Why should other teams be punished for Toronto's problems?

Not going to happen because of the responsibility factor. It's like saying that because Saskatchewan lost Durant on a freak play, Ottawa should have to bench Burris this weekend. Coldly said, "not our fault, not our problem".

What I would expect, in your shoes, is a little shmoozong from the new Argos onwers next year. They know you're had a rough go of it and that the fanbase as a whole needs to be increased. They're really going to need to be fan-friendly to the hilt now. They can't just count on the venue change alone to restore/build faith.

one can only hope the jays are swept in their first series.

Why should other teams be rewarded for Toronto's problems?

It's not a "should", this just happened to be considered the best option for dealing with a difficult situation. the goal wasn't to benefit another team, it was to find the best way out of jam. Ottawa benefits coincidentally.