as of right now, these are the number of players we have at each position going into training camp, and i assume this number will grow.

QB: 3
RB: 7
WR: 11 (12 with Giguere)
OL: 10
DL: 10
LB: 5
DB: 20
K: 2

This includes draft picks. It looks as though there will be plenty of competition, especially at DB. I expect another QB to be added, along with a few linebackers and o-lineman. this year should be much better than last.

I think the limit for training camp is 65 players (unless that has been changed), not counting players that will return to their university team. So unless some of the players listed above are let go before camp, we are at or above the limit.

The player limit, during the off-season, is 75 +draft choices. By training camp -June 1st in 2008- it's 68 +draft choices.

In place since 2006 with introduction of Salary Management System-SMS-; the SMS was actually in "force" in 2007.


Richard I hope you don't mind me adding my 2 cents.

I believe you meant by 'draft choice'

drafted players who still have eligiblity
left to play football at their CIS schools.


Canadian players drafted from NCAA schools
with eligiblity left can't attend a CFL training Camp

without losing their amateur status

and their eligiblity to play NCAA football.

I think some DBs will get LB consideration
Dylan Barker, Markeith Knowlton will be tried there.
Kordic, Glasper might find their best chance to make the team at that position.