Compelling Saturday CFL Dramas

Obviously the biggest game is Edmonton at BC.

But for me the real drama is the Montreal/ Sask game.

For Montreal:
-new interim coach
-cut the most physically talented receiver in CFL as a cancer to his team
-starting a rookie QB who has a great college pedigree but shaky CFL play so far. Gave up a first rounder by the in hiding GM..the previous HC
-I have never seen a team go so far all in with change.
-Imagine the gamble that Chapdelaine has taken here.
-Balls of steel.

For Sask
-just a mess of 3/4 year
-Chris Jones steadfast in his resolve
-now winners of 4 straight
-maybe the second hottest team in CFL
-last home game in Mosaic.

This is a game that "means nothing" in 2016. Maybe everything for 2017. Must watch TV.

Yes, two intriguing match ups today. There seems to be a renewed sense of relevancy for the league starting with the games last night. We should see some good TV numbers despite going against HNIC, and a good crowd in B.C. for the big game tonight! :thup:

Next weeks game against BCis the last home game in Mosaic,

The BC/EDM game could have crucial playoff implications and also financial implications with the ability to host a playoff game!

The MTL/SSK has zero implications, 2 bottom feeders playing for next season

Leaving shortly for downtown (VanCity), meeting family just moved in from Edmonton for pops (Central City Brewing), then 4pm k/o!

Since I hate both teams I get to cheer for the officials...go zebras!

Go Eskies and help send BC east to play in Semi.

Defenses reigning supreme so far in Sask and the Als have the lead although it looks more like a baseball score than a football score: 6-2. I```d say that the Larks D is winning the battle so far - aside from the sacks on Adams. Also looks like the game last night weather wise - rainy and probably on the cold side.

Does it really matter or is it just a matter of which team you like less.

Can't believe the SRR are THIS bad. :o

I prefer to play Edmonton.

Looks like they had a bit of a "let down" game after going on a short "hot" streak. Credit to Montreal because their defense has been tough most of the season - when they weren't taking too many dumb penalties to hurt themselves. DD had a tough time dealing with them but Saskie managed more sacks on Adams.

Looks like Johnny's Larks were out there just having some fun.
I have not seen them have any fun in quite some time.

Speaking of fun, what does Nik Lewis have for a pre-game meal ?
Pie and ice cream ?

Give the guy credit. He can still ball. Also,he is to heavy to bring down.

Remember, the Lions must win by 5 for the season tie break.

I was at the Montreal Sask game, and it was chilly. The conditions favoured the defenses, rainy, and cold and both teams missing their leading receivers (for different reasons).

Also - Montreal should have been penalized 15 yards on the final play of the game for a dirty dirty head shot. There's no room for that kind of crap in our league, I'd like to see plays like that reviewable. Intentional headshot. Personally I'd toss Venable for that hit (though he'd miss 1 play)

Well apart from the kicking, it didn't seem to hurt Ottawa and Hamilton last night. Just sayin'...

I don't know about it being a head shot, but the Rider player was out of bounds and letting up when the Als player laid him out. Should have been an unnecessary roughing, half the distance to the goal line, and one last shot for Saskatchewan from the 12 to the endzone for the win...

I think the only difference between today's game and the game in Ottawa yesterday was that it was only +3 today in Regina. It was cold. That and Montreal and Sask don't have as dynamic of offenses as Ottawa and Hamilton.

I wasn't sure at the game whether it was a headshot, but it was clearly a headshot when I watched the replay at home. Venable left his feet for a helmet to helmet shot. Completely unnecessary. I'm not even upset that they lost the game, that stuff just doesn't belong in football at all. Our league is very poor at calling helmet to helmet shots unless it happens to be on a QB.

For what it's worth he was still in bounds, it wasn't a late hit. Just a dirty one.

Here's a gif of the hit:

[url=] ... 1555002368[/url]

Looked dirty to me. Anyways that Adams looked pretty decent.

It was a blatant dirty head shot. There is zero chance it was missed by the officials. What is it going to take....some getting crippled before the CFL takes dirty head shots seriously?

watch this gif .... Remember dunigan on TSN cheered it and the offical clearly sees it

[url=] ... 1555002368[/url]

Yeah, that angle makes it look pretty damn obvious.