Comparison of Harris vs. Osweiler "forward pass" or "fumble"

Anyone who watched last nights Texans-Dolphins game and knew of the Trevor Harris play with the RedBlacks a few weeks ago, forget which game it was, probably some similarities, I sure did. Video below of the Osweiler “forward pass” last night that was odd. Officials overturned the td by the Texans and said regardless if the ball went backwards while being wrapped up in a defender’s arms, his arm was going forward therefore an incomplete forward pass.

““That is about as convoluted a rule, a ruling, as you can get,? Fox play-by-play man Joe Buck said.”

So, they use the same criteria in the NFL as in the CFL. Makes sense to me - arm moving toward the opposing goal line, it’s a forward pass, regardless of where the ball ends up going.

I would say so CFiO. Once it’s ruled the arm is going forward, anything after that is irrelevant, play is dead if the ball goes to the ground and isn’t caught. My guess is not even an intentional grounding infraction could be called if there were no eligible receivers in the area where the ball landed.

It’s all about whether the officials rule the arm was going forward in the first place. Again, so it seems that’s how both leagues rule on this type of play.

Well yeah, we have seen the ball go straight backwards when the arm was moving forward before…this seems a pretty cut and dry rule…the only contention there should ever really be is if it is a arm in motion before the ball comes out. I don’t understand the mass debate there has been on this this season…seemed like a pretty well established rule and concept that does not have really anything for grey area.

Except there was a play earlier, Stamps vs. Ticats, where Mitchell was hit before his arm came forward and it was ruled an incomplete pass by the Command Centre. I'm thinking they messed up on that call. (What else is new?)

I actually do understand the debate when I hear a guy like Joe Buck from last nights Texans - Dolphins game say:

"“That is about as convoluted a rule, a ruling, as you can get,? Fox play-by-play man Joe Buck said."

So even with someone as knowledgeable and who watches a whole heck of a lot of football, this rule and how it's interpreted isn't just some ordinary rule the average fan can get their head around on, albeit it doesn't happen often so not a lot of exposure.

I think the key here is that the qb is in the process of being tackled so therefore they want to protect the qbs, either league, and they want to rule the play dead asap if that arm was going forward at all once the defender had a grasp on the qb. And I totally get that. If the qb was sitting back there in the pocket and decided because, say a brain cramp :-*for the sake of argument, to appear to have his arm go forward and then just toss it backwards, no contact by the defender, my guess is they'd rule that a fumble. But really, who the heck knows.