Comparison last Grey Cup versus Superbowl

After watching the SB which was good up until the final few minutes and then it dogged it big time . Questionable calls .

Never liked to see a team not want to score there is something unsportsmanlike about it . Hate the clock in the NFL .

I decided to rewatch the GC especially the ending which was pretty freakin exciting with the block kicks etc .... .

NOW The SB had much better flow .... it had offence that gelled well on both sides . Defence was lacking .... and both QB's were excellent in working game plans to the T .

The Grey Cup was more sporadic and bumped around on offence but still was competitive . There was an exciting punt return to the house and a few moments of excitement and both QB's were not at their best but the game as it got close to the ending it created an interesting game story and kept you watching .

In terms of game play the NFL wins ... hands down .

in terms of creating a great ending of the story game day the CFL wins .

Again ...I had to watch it again to appreciate the game despite not wanting the Argos to win it was one heck of a last few minutes

drama wise ....... . :grinning:


I must admit, it wasn't a bad game for a change. I do have to wonder why they ever bother with kickoffs though. Seems to be the most useless waste of time.


Not a big NFL fan but i saw a lot of offense and little defense in the SB. Neither D could stop the opposing O. Hence 38-35. Eagles only had two punts all game. More proof how feeble the Ds were.
I always thought the Americans had the best football players in the world. It's just too bad their game is nowhere near as exciting as the CFL. We have the best football game in the world.


I am a huge NFL fan as well as our league and you guys have said it right in these posts. @Jasmine, not scoring a td when you could have crossed the goal line easily and then putting your faith in your D, is a chicken move. And @Munsey, watching all those kickoffs go through the back of the end zone was tedious. Maybe they should kickoff from the 15. At least there was a long well-coached punt return for a change.


This may have been true several years ago, but I find the entertainment value has swung hard to the south. There are many reasons for this, including the fact that the NFL has changed its game and become much more pass-oriented in recent seasons.

But as much as the NFL game has improved, the CFL product has deteriorated. Our timing rules are far inferior, and inconsistently applied, for starters.

Intra-crew communications for officials are terrible and archaic here, resulting in way too many on-field conferences, especially compared with the Americans' communications. Likewise with the replay systems... theirs works and ours does not. These deficiencies in officiating tools really adversely affect game flow, affecting entertainment value.

But the biggest factors by far stem from the CFL's CBA-enforced lack of practice time. This leads to a lack of cohesion and refinement, especially on offense, leading to vanilla play-calling. This lack of practice also slows individual player development, meaning fewer spectacular plays. On the defensive side, calls are also more vanilla. Anecdotally, I back this up by saying I am a former high school qb (NCAA scholarship offer), I can watch a CFL game and read the defense, anticipating blitz and read the coverage. When I watch an NFL game, I cannot do this... their defenses are far better disguised, more complex and more nuanced.

But the biggest result of the lack of practice is glaring to even the most casual of fans... flags. Flags, flags, flags. And its not all on officiating. Players don't have enough practice time to perfect their craft, so they commit more fouls and we see more flags. This has completely destroyed game flow in the CFL.

Now add parity issues. The NFL has weak divisions. But at least its not always the same divisions. Weak and strong divisions rotate. In Canada, its always the same division that gets trounced. Also, in the US, they have enough teams and a large enough playoff pool to weed the weak ones out. If a team with a weak record does get through, they have to earn it through multiple games. In Canada, a weak team can get lucky and end up skating through. As such, we end up with a lot more undeserving championship teams, cheapening the meaning of the Grey Cup.

I do not think the NFL is perfect. Far from it. I actually like both forms of football, and I appreciate their differences.

And, once upon a time, the CFL was the more fun game to watch, even if the big name and big money athletes were in the States. But that no longer applies. The CFL on-field product has declined precipitously, and the ratings and attendance numbers back up my position on this.



look the CFL has no real comparison to the likes of Mahomes, Allen, Burrow, LJ, Hurts, etc. the best players in the world play in the NFL. i don’t even like comparing the two because the NFL basically has unlimited resources and the CFL has very limited resources relatively speaking. NFL generally has the better clock management rules, officiating, and a number of other things i don’t want to get into because i have posted in other places many times. i can’t remember a CFL game in recent years that i can compare to this year’s super bowl in terms of elite play quality, offensive execution and overall entertainment and excitement.


lol an elite CFL quarterback who was on a historically record pace this past season just signed to try out for an NFL back up job…

CFL is not better and never will be.

Players skill level/athleticism aside (I prefer CHL to NHL, for example), for me, its the game itself. It is in this area where I feel the CFL has gone downhill.

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this is a good point. because i prefer women’s rugby to men’s. and junior football to CFL.

Women's tennis and golf to mens, the list goes on

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Both good games....I like football.. but game flow? I have to disagree. KC was awful in the first half - which took ages to come to an end. And then the entire final 2 minutes of a very close game meant nothing due to 'superior game clock rules'. And ya - the kicking game in the NFL does nothing for game flow - it's really hard t explain to new watchers - which I was forced to do Sunday night.


I'd hard for me to say that the CFL game is as exciting as it once was and it's clear to me that it's about the inconsistencies in the game, players and coaches not sticking around long enough to develop their skills or coaches their philosophies, ownership changes and teams whose owners are looking for more investors or looking to get out, a commissioner with an ambivalent attitude about where the CFL is going, and the money... the bloody lack of money and how that hamstrings everything.
And all of those wrongs are the rights that have allowed the NFL to prosper and present a better, more exciting product... except for those f'ing touchbacks on kickoffs and fair catches on punts.


Womens curling .... beach volley ball .... diving ....

diving? is that what they’re calling soccer now?

i only watch women’s tennis for the grunting and screaming.


Lack of money and player retention is a problem in the CFL and the bloody NFL rules that make it more of a game than a sport are my beefs too. But from my couch, the CFL is the better product - offenses may stall because they can't execute on 3 downs but the game doesn't stall - you punt and force your opponent to reply.


Can't stand the grunting...even if I liked tennis I couldn't listen to that for an hour.


Its not about the outfits. Well, mostly not.

Men's tennis is all about the power serve. Men's golf is all about the drive distance and forget accuracy and fairways.... they call it "bomb and gouge".

These two games are more entertaining on the womens side because the women use more strategy and game planning. Its Formula1 vs NHRA drag racing.

To take women out of the equation, I prefer CHL to NHL. The game play is better, more entertaining.

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ah yes another of those inevitable moments where i kinda wish i wasn’t a mod lol oh dear

As much as I beat up the CFL it continues to punch way above it's weight .

I say watch the last few minutes of the Grey Cup warts and all it's freakin wild entertainment ....

Billions and billions .... compared to a few million ...

the story of the playoffs needs to be over hauled as well as some teams like Ottawa were horrific to watch ... for too long

parity is getting better in the CFL ....

nothing beats watching a competent QB though CFL or NFL it makes a difference in the game .


I prefer the women's curling. Its not the outfits :slight_smile:

Women's soccer more appealing the way they play, starting with less diving.

Did not care for Lingerie football though

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