Comparing, we might not be so bad

Hey, after seeing the other games the Bombers do not appear to be so out of place. If we happen to get Kyries, our defence could make them think. At least they were gang tackling. Now let's not get all these penalties like other years. That would kill us.

Still need to work on the O, we fic that and Glenn plays better (or put Quinn in), we will be alright, if we don't place third, we can at least CO.

the Bombers seem rusty but i was glad they were able to hold on to the lead for awhile. Hopefully some Homecooking would help them get back on their feet.

we just need to work on the offence then were good to go

...i think Kevin Glenn gets into some kind of wierd space when the pressure is on....he needs to learn on how to close...without pushing the panic it something learned...or is it mental conditioning he needs.... to correct this flaw...I would say Berry probably has the he is quite a good qb. coach...I suspect we will see Kevin maturing under Doug Berry to the point where he'll become a very good qb. but its going to take a little time...i hope it starts with TO. this Fri... Also ..we looked excellent if you compare us to the other teams in the weekend games...heh.... it looks like we have the beginnings of a winner goBigBlue :thup:

i think that this has to be glenn's coming out party..there will be a packed stadium filled with people that dont beleive in him..hopefully he can make beleivers out of all of us :thup: i no i have the confidence in him and his skills

I am sure that at Cann-inn staduim you guys will give him the drive he needs to succeed.

lets just get Canad Inns packed and make it loud as hell.

I agree....once we cut out the stupid penalties and get things a little more fine tuned on both offence and defence (the defence looks like it will be real solid this year) we will compete with anybody.....

After EE has apparently taken themselves out of the PO picture by cutting half of the team, and with the Riders looking like we (Bombers) did last season around week 1, a CO to the west is looking really good this season if we can't finish better than third in the East.

well just to let u no..the esks didnt cut ray, tucker, or davis..that was just a created post just for fun i think (in the cfl talk forum)

yeah, I know now, but the EE are still bad :wink:

were in the race at least.....I bet someone is going to be 0 - 2 after this weekend and it wont be us......

can’t be now, I beat EE will be though :lol:

and then 0 and 3 next week :thup: