Comparing the 2021 and 2019 Alouettes

Now that the season is over, it might be interesting to compare where the Als are in 2021 compared to 2019.

2019: 2nd 10-8 .555
Offense ranked 5fth. Defense ranked: 7th.

2021: 3rd 7-7 .500
Offense ranked 2nd. Defense ranked: 5th.

Kind of a mixed bag. In spite of an easier schedule and improving productivity on both sides of the ball the team's results regressed compared to 2019.

The only explanation I come up with was the poor play on special teams and lack of discipline throughout most of the season.

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4 less games . Just out of curiosity what was the record in 2019 after 14 games?

I remember the 2019 season as being poorly disciplined as well and many complaints about ST.

This is too random a conclusion for me at any rate.

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When I compared numbers ( yards gained and allowed) my numbers differ from yours, HfxTC.

2019: Offense ranked 2nd. 6,914 yards gained for an average of 384.1 yards per game. They ranked 6th in yards by the pass, for 4,678 yards and an average of 259.9 yards a game. In rushing yards, they ranked 2nd, for 2,236 yards and an average of 124.2 yards per game.

In 2019, Hamilton was first with 7,447 yards gained for an average of 413.7 yards per game.

2021: Offense ranked 1st with 5,470 yards gained for an average of 390.7 yards per game. An average of + 6.6 yards per game, compared to 2019. In 2021 they ranked 6th in yards gained by the pass, for 3,447 yards for an average of 246.2 yards per game. An average of minus 13.7 yards per game, compared to 2019. In yards gained rushing, they rank 1st with 2,023 yards gained for an average of 144.5 yards per game. An average of plus 20.3 yards per game, compared to 2019.

In 2021, Winnipeg rank 2nd with 5,114 yards gained for an average of 365.3 yards per game.

While Hamilton was first in 2019, in 2021 they are 5th. 4,981 yards gained for an average of 355.8 yards per game.

2019: In 2019, defence ranked 7th, with 7,576 yards allowed for an average of 420.9 yards per game. They ranked last in yards allowed by the pass with 5,690 for an average of 316.1 per game. In yards allowed by rushing they ranked 6th with 1,886 yards for an average of 104.8 per game.

2021: Defence ranked 2nd, with 4,450 yards allowed for an average of 317.9 yards per game. They ranked 2nd in yards allowed by the pass with 3,150 yards for an average of 225.0 per game. They ranked 4th in yards given rushing, with 1,300 yards allowed for an average of 92.9 yards per game.

In 2021, Winnipeg ranked 1st in yards allowed with 4,243 yards for an average of 303.1 yards per game. Hamilton ranked 3rd with 4,604 yards allowed for an average of 328.9 yards per game.

Comparing 2019 with 2021, there is a major difference in averaged yards gained per game versus averaged yards given per game.

2019: 384.1 averaged yards gained per game, versus 420.9 averaged yards given. Difference of MINUS 36.8 averaged yards per game.

2021: 390.7 averaged yards gained per game, versus 317.9 averaged yards given.
Difference of PLUS 72.8 yards per game.

Another major differences between 2019 and 2021, are in sacks obtained versus sacks given.

2019: 27 sacks obtained versus 38 sacks allowed in 18 games. Minus 11. They were last in 2019.

2021: 49 sacks obtained versus 35 sacks allowed. Plus 14. They were first in 2021.

While the % of wins in 2021 is less than 2019, there were many improvements in 2021, compared to 2019.



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Statistically, we see improvements, except in the only statistic that counts for me: wins. We were one game over .500 in 2019, and just at .500 this year. Not a huge difference.

We'll see how the ESF plays out, but when I look at the past two seasons, I see a .500 team that thinks it's better than it actually is.

Its odd how perceptions are.
I see a 500 team that is just getting ready to fly next year. They've improved in many areas, despite having to use 3 QBs.
They sure do not need a coaching change. regardless of next week imo.

I do agree that it is not the time to talk or even think about firing or changing the Head Coach, no matter the results next week. Yes, there could be changes of some coaches or responsibilities to some, but not firing the Head Coach.

In the off-season the emphasis should be on bringing news players and addressing the areas such as special teams and penalties.


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I also take into consideration the Als played the RB 4 times out of 14 games.


I see a ST unit that has not improved one bit. It was poor in 2019 and it was poor again this season.
Something has to change in that aspect IMHO.


I think the offense either needs another position coach (QB), or we promote Bolduc to OC in the offseason. Jones is wearing too many hats. If someone else is calling plays, Jones should have more time and focus to curb team-wide penalties, and maybe even to get more creative with adding to the playbook.

I would not support firing Jones regardless of the result of the ESF. I'm just saying that if we lose that game, I wouldn't be surprised to see Maciocia pull the trigger and bring in someone else. And that would be a real shame.


Yeah ...I agree with you here DAP

yes I agree Tony.

Non one here is advocating a coaching change. You introduced this "comment" from a commentary made in a different tread in context with an article by Mat Boulay
That goes out of its way to flatter the President and the GM and squarely puts the blame on Khari Jones (lists the 1-3) record and the poor performance one the weekend.

It doesn't take a genius to figure out the table being set by Maciocia's Media buddies.

Speaking of comparisons, can anyone tell me which head coach has lasted the longest in the post-Trestman era? I feel like it was probably either Tom Higgins or Jim Popp, but neither man made it past two years, I think. That in itself indicates a franchise in flux. I'm really tired of firing head coaches every year or two and it doesn't help the club.

Fans forget this now, but Mike O'Shea's first few years as Winnipeg's head coach were by no means excellent. But the organization stayed patient and eventually reaped the rewards. I wish more teams, us included, would do this.

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After year one O'Shea fired DC Etchevary and hired Richie Hall. Fans wanted them all fired. KJ fired his DC after year one and hired B Miles which was a good move. KJ is not afraid to make internal choices. Just takes time to truly make an imprint. Both were not afraid to find their QB either.
Importantly players want to come and play for them.

Offensively, other teams where probably more prepared to face Jones/Adams offence and I don't think we where less good then last year. I think the biggest difference with last year where we improve, is our Lines both offensively and defensively we where solid

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