"Community Ownership" really sucks

I have to say, guys, that through 2 pages of "discussion" after my initial I'm really unimpressed with any reasons why the Blue Bombers current community-owned group of people is GOOD in any way, shape or form...

none of us ever said we liked community ownership,
True. But none of you have ever said you [b]didn't[/b] like it either. That's what I can't figure out. That's what I'm [i]attempting[/i] to figure out... that was the goal of this thread!!

Maybe at the end of this year, when the Blue have- yet again- failed to win a Grey Cup in an 8-team league, more of you will hop off the "Community Ownership is great! I don't know why though!" and hop on the "This franchise needs NEW ownership. Desperately."

Here's hoping...

really after 1 loss? really?

really after 1 loss? really?
Uh no. After 20 years with no Grey Cup in an 8 team league.

I’d still feel this way if the Blue Bombers destroyed Toronto tonight.

“THeKillerIsMe”, please, enlighten me as to why you LIKE our current ownership- and why you’re not desperate to have Asper take over this team.