Community owned teams (Sask. & Wpg)

With all the discussion lately around the unfortunate situation in Ottawa, I have heard people make oblique references to the community owned teams.

Does anyone know the story of how Wpg. & Sk. became community owned teams ??

Were they privately owned and then the owner wanted to sell ?? or ??

I was just thinking what a daunting task it would be to do something like that in Ottawa and where would you even start, how could you get it done on time, etc. I realized that somehow, it has happened twice before (likely under different circumstances) - anyone know ?

You forgot Edmonton is a community owned team. Calgary was a community owned team but was saved when a private owner stepped up to buy the team.

As far as I know WPG, SASK, and EDM were always community owned but to be honest I really don't know if that is accurate. As Long as I can remember though. I think it would be very difficult to sell the idea nowadays but really... it should be possible.

Who is the community? The city?

the people of the city.......the tax payers........

I was under the assumption that it was the province, in the case of the Riders. Can anyone confirm/rebut this?

I believe the teams were brought together by businessmen with in each city. A board was setup and they had bank loans for the teams which were eventually paid off. The reason why Calgary could not stay community owned was the bank was not going to give them any money to keep them going. Thus one Larry Rykman stepped up and paid.

..Winnipeg has always been community owned....when they faced a 'gades' situation.... different factions of govt. stepped in to give them a they survived....during those trying times....I believe the Aspers were prepared to buy the club....but the franchise was effectively saved before that was necessary....There has always been a debate whether private or public ownership is the way to go in Wpg....judging by the Rens. can come to your own conclusions... :roll:

the bombers board has representatives on behalf of the public, city and province.........sure they get donations from the money bags like the Aspers but ultimately all government funding comes from our taxes..........I suspect this is the model for all community owned teams.........

Ya the fact that our (sask) gov't just forgave a 2.8 mil loan I would say the whole province owns the team. And you can also be special, and buy a share and really be an owner.

Having a community owner CFL team in Ottawa would be difficult to do. The thing I noticed is that of the three community owned teams two of those teams are the only major sports teams in the province and in the case of the esks they seem to be pretty self sufficient. Ontario on the other hand has almost as many sports teams as the state of new york so if the ontario government starts funding the gades then other teams might start coming to them saying that they should get some funding as well

Seems to me there was no interest by city hall in Ottawa, to be community owned..
Would of took time for a save the Gades campaign, if started in December, just might of worked.
I guess the CFL had confidence in Lonnie, not to throw in the towel this year..
Yes, the CFL belongs in Ottawa, the question is, can the public support the gades.?

Ottawa had community ownership for a brief time in the late '80's. It did not work for them then and I doubt it would now because it seems that even the majority of football fans there are fed up.

Looks like the Esks are the only successful community owned team in the league. Winnipeg and Regina are basically on the verge of collapse.

Come on Rider fans! Get out to some games!!!!! Stop being dead beats!!!

...I doubt the Bombers are on the verge of collapse....we just have to be very prudent with our dough. thats all...the 700,000 grand helps...and we will gratefully accept more lol....and by the way ...season tickets in Wpg. are moving along at a nice pace.....16,900 was the last count, I believe, and climbing.. :wink:

So having a profit is on the verge of colapse EE?? I think you need to get your head out of your ss. The only reason you don’t want the Riders to be here, is you don’t want to play in Taylor Field.

The trouble with community owned teams is that they are poorly capitalized and there is nobody there to backstop losses in bad years. Therefore banks are reluctant to lend very much money to finance operations and then it becomes a vicious downward spiral if there are couple of bad years in a row.

Edmonton doesn’t have this problem because they have this whack of cash available due to wise investments and helpful govt programs. They don’t need bankers. After the provincial gov’t forgave a bunch of debt, Saskatchewan is trying to raise capital through this share program and other means so that they can get to the same situation as Edmonton, but its an uphill battle to get ahead when spendthrifts have the reins. Even if Winnipeg uses their Grey Cup bonus to pay off their debt, they are still only even and will be set up for another round of financial difficulties if they don’t put a winning team on the field ASP.

....THE TROUBLE WITH PRIVATELY OWNED CLUBS....if you get owners like the Gliebs....speaks volumes...there are no guarantees that private ownership is going to stay around and take a beating financially .. how are you any better off...Granted ...every franchise is unique in its own respect...and situations vary...I guess IT'S ...whatever works for you... :!:

Pappa I believe that 700,000 clears the debit for the Bombers which is good.

Wrong the 700,000 pays down the debit the money from the Grey Cup will be on the plus side for them. They may have to worry three years down the road when that diminishes.