Commonwealth Stadium

Good for you. I'm sure its pretty safe to say most people will have to use the bathroom at least once during a 4 hour trip to a football game, whether they are drinking or not. BTW no where did I say was drinking and disturbing people the whole game. I had one or two beers and the only time I left my seat was at halftime for what ended up being a half hour trip to the bathroom. If I had to get up more than once I probably would have missed a quarter of the game.

Gotta remember that they don't normally have 46,000+ in the stands in a normal evening..,

McMahon has the same number of washrooms that it did when the capacity was 20,000. And if you're not in the reds or blues, good luck if you're over 5'10" or so, legroom is non-existent. The concourse is a joke. Calgary really needs to pull up its socks and get the thing brought up to modern standards, or knock it down and start again. Other cities seem to be able to figure it out.

Agreed. The bathroom situation this year for the Grey Cup was horrible! The concourses were overflowing with people. Therte simply wasn't enough room.

I'm thinking they don't get any more GCs until they sort the concourse/bathroom mess out with some renos. Good news is Calgary likely has another 8 years before they'd host again anyways, so they quite a bit of time to do some upgrades.

Sure hope they do something. Especially since the Flames are looking for a for public money for a new arena. An arena that is barely 25 years old.

Guys who are coming to the GC, CW is just a great stadium are far as sight lines up high had season tickets for 4+ yrs on the top row, row 84 and love It cause you can see the whole field its great. Dont have season tickets this yr but plan on going to games here and there