Commonwealth Stadium

At Raider games people have had very few reasons to stand, except to get a beer, in recent years.

I think actual chairs are important for general seating comfort, but stadiums should NOT be made too comfortable, à la Dallas, where the crowd can pretend they're in their living room with a GIANT tv screen. What's the point of that?

My initial question in this thread had nothing to do with the proximaty from any particular seat to the field. It was regarding seats vs bleachers/benches.

I agree 100%

Only been to one NFL game in Buffalo about 1985 or so. Lots of people standing,more than a few passed out. Never seen so many drunks in one place at one time. Had to be a lot of absenteeism at work the next day.

Excellent point Rpaege and even sadder that too many folks not just in Indianapolis don't realise this matter as one of many national injustices.

Indeed for Indianapolis, my hometown, Lucas Oil Field has been a financial disaster and overall massive rip-off for the people of Indianapolis and Indiana, as the costs continue to outweigh any infrastructure or intangible dividends too. The city has at least the 2011 season Super Bowl (in 2012) to which to look forward and make up some of the losses, but fundamentally the operating costs had ballooned from -$20 million in 2008 to -$44 million in 2009. Some measures are supposed to be taken for the 2010 season to lower this deficit but there is no news yet.

Here's the short version of the tale, with owner Bob Irsay in my view after some more reading a particularly ruthless owner like father when you break down the original financing for the construction. He sure fooled the city I say but who knows what local politicians were in on the fix.

Back in 2006, the season the Indianapolis Colts happened to be on their way to winning their first and only Super Bowl and when the Hoosier Dome lease was ending, owner Bob Irsay had threatened to move the team (perhaps to LA, as every dissatisfied owner still does now) if they did not get a heavily tax-payer subsidised new facility. The Colts won the Super Bowl and the locals and their politicians caved in enough to be screwed over royally by Irsay.

Then soon after the time the inaugural 2008 season for the new stadium began, the Great Recession/Little Depression that had already hit the West Coast and Hawai'i in late 2007 and the rest is history with the big bank bail out scheme in September 2008.

More details when you scroll down in this Wikipedia entry:

Also is a great site for any more accurate breakdown of municipal stadium ventures that almost always screw over the local taxpayers irrespective of the many other higher priorities ignored as cited in part by Rpaege.

I went to many games at the Hoosier Dome for the Indianapolis Colts (access to season tickets in the family since they came to town since 1984) and to one game in Denver at Invesco Field at Mile High in 2003.

Basically in both places for the most part fans stand mostly only when the home team is in the red zone or after a huge play for a round of high fives before the fist bump went into vogue a few years ago.

Mostly on TV when they pan the crowd is after a big play, so of course you'll see folks standing just about everywhere.

However many places in the US have so many overweight people that no way will they stand for the whole game. :stuck_out_tongue:

Indeed there is no point Rpeage -- everything is big in Texas including the fat derrieres of most of those Cowboys fans too that still don't quite match the size of their egos and obnoxious antics. :stuck_out_tongue:


they have new lighting that was put in the stadium so it should to be better sitting way up in the upper deck

They have/are spending how much, $112+ million for all the improvements at Commonwealth? Odd, isn't it, how some cities (i.e. Vancouver, Edmonton, Winnipeg) can get their s**t together to build new or rebuild like new but others (Calgary, in particular) seem to be forever stuck in the same old ballyard.

…I’d love a new stadium, but I don’t want to see my property taxes rise because of one, and I’m a fan, can you imagine what the response of a non-fan would be?..

I'm not so sure your property taxes would go up if you live NEAR the stadium, but they certainly would everywhere else unless private interests heavily paid for the stadium, which appears to be what's happening in Ottawa.

I could be totally wrong, but the Esks and Commonwealth seem to be exceptionally well managed and profitable. If this is true, then it shows that it CAN be done, and that a well-run stadium can finance itself over the long run. The trick is just to get the damn thing built, with an eye to the future, and with management and taxpayer oversight in place.

The Eskimos are one of the best run teams. They seem to have a great connection with the people at the city.
They share costs for projects, partner in promotions, etc.
Great for them!

Right on, though still it baffles me short of crony corruption, as is quite high and institutional to getting anything done in some towns, how still otherwise too many of these projects fail miserably on financial terms considering even any generated ancillary and intangible municipal dividends. :roll:

Not necessarily saying a NEW stadium… even McMahon brought up to modern standards would be a hell of an improvement. There have been lots of proposals (1979, 1984-87, early 2000s) but nothing ever seems to get done. If McGill, the Alouettes and the city of Montreal can get it together, Calgary should take note.

As for your (municipal?)taxes, it’s my undestanding that Edmonton’s project involved a whack of provincial money, as well as municipal, and the Eskimos paid a fair amount as well. Don’t know any figures. I’ve been told by someone who used to sit on the McMahon Stadium Society that the problem lies in the relationship between the University (which owns the stadium) and the city (which owns the land it sits on). Neither will sacrifice any of its interests for the greater good of the whole; and that someone in a higher authority (province?) needs to take a firm hand and make the boys play nice, at which time Calgary would get its “share” of provincial money. For what it’s worth.

Besides… 50 mill for the Calatrava bridge?!

....I meant the latter, that tax-directed dollars would be used to fund a new stadium...

...Gern, the stadium and the entire block of land it and the rest of the Foothills Athletic Park facilities that sit on it is wholly owed by the UofC, the City of Calgary has no ownership interests, land or otherwise, in again another dilema would be raised, that being why would the City want to get involved in providing financial backing to upgrade a privately owned business, aldermen do not get re-elected on that kind of gift-giving...

...there have been some recent upgrades though, the Stampeders paid millions for a new state-of-the-art sports training facility, moving out of the old ones inside the field house located at the south end of the field, and totally renovated and upgraded the home locker room and staff offices as a result, the field house has received an exterior makeover as well (cant seemt o find any on-line pics, sorry)...yup there are things like crowded concession areas and washroom congestion issues, but all-in-all they are not so bad that people stay away from enjoying a good football game...

I take your point, and perhaps my friend is mistaken or more likely I misunderstood him. But even here in Lethbridge, the city partnered with the University and the province to build a football/multipurpose stadium complex on the U campus, with the city being the major contributor of the $14 million cost. The facility seats about 2,500 (expandable to 6,000), and can be used for soccer and track also, but it was built primarily for football. And as I said before, Mcgill, the Als, the city of Montreal and the province of Quebec seem to have figured it out.

I have always thought the Stadium is pretty comfortable, and the game day experience is also top-notch!

I've been to McMahon twice, and both were pretty bad experiences stadium-wise. Went to a sold-out labour day game back in '05 and the concourses were pretty packed, and people were urinating in the concourses b/c the lineups to the bathrooms were so long. I didn't think it could get worse than that, but then I went to the grey cup last there last year. I went to use the bathroom as soon as the first half ended. Missed the entire halftime show(not that i was too disappointed with that!), and barely got back to my seat before the second half started due to the long bathroom lineup. Obviously the stadium wasn't designed with seating 45,000 in mind as there were for the GC last year, but I'd say that the stadium could use some serious reno's before they host another Grey Cup. Widen the concourses a ton, add WAY more bathrooms, more beer vendors, and more bucket seats throughout.
Don't get me wrong, its a nice little stadium to watch a game at. You are way closer to the action than you are at Commonwealth, but it could definitely use some upgrades. Maybe I'm just used to CW and I've been spoiled all these years...?

here's a thought..

maybe you should spend less time drinking and getting up out of your seat and more time sitting in it and less time disturbing others who want to watch the game and the half time show.

I was there too, and not once during the entire game did I have to get up to do anything!

I was annoyed at the people who needed to always get up for something.