Commonwealth Stadium

I bought my Grey Cup tickets and im wondering how high im up. I have tickets in row 80 in the top deck am i the last row?

Wow, I thought I was in the last row. My cup tickets are row 73. I can't imagine it goes much higher than 80. That's a long walk for beer.

That far up fill up a hydration pack with booze or beer and wear it under your jacket. No one will ever notice :slight_smile:

at least you'll have an up close and personal look at the fighter jets during the pre-game fly-over....i think row 80 is in Leduc actually.

I also bought my tickets today :smiley:

Row 84 is the last row I believe

Do they have actual seats? (with a back to them) Or are they massive benches like at McMahon and Ivor Wynne?

Although i'm no fan of the seats, the stadium experience is 1000x better than it could ever be at the Rogers centre.You're like 5 miles from the field there, and there's like nobody around you because the stadiums so big and so few attend.Better off watching it on tv.

…on the bright side you’ll be able to mock those guys way back in row 84


Sounds like you're in the ex-wives section... :o

From way up there you'll be able to wave at all the disappointed Stamps fans. :stuck_out_tongue:

ya, no benches. the only benches are in the endzone area..

all seats between the Goal lines are bucket type seats.. which btw, are being replaced next year!

I was at the 97 Cup in Edmonton. We sat 3 rows from the top. It wasn't too bad. I had trouble finding the ball on running plays, but other than that, its fine. Great to be able to see all the action unfolding in front of you.

But then maybe they'll get lucky though with those who had only a Vegas marriage? :stuck_out_tongue:

How can you even compare seats to bleacher style benches? All the modern stadiums have the seats because people like to lean back if they want. If I wanted to sit on bleachers I’d go watch a highschool football game. Name me one modern stadium, wheather it be CFL, NFL, MLB or NBA that decided to put in benches instead of the bucket seats? Ivor Wynne was built in 1930…that’s why there’s no seats.

Does a telescope come with Argo season tickets or do you have to buy that seperate?If I wanted to sit back that badly, i'd just stay home.Cheaper food, no bathroom lineups, commentary with the game and the best seat in the house.The stadium experience is wayyyy more important to me.

Though the Colts no longer play there, the Hoosierdome (built in the early-to-mid 80s, roughly same time as BC Place) had benches in the upper deck.

Yeah Indianapolis, a city roughly the size of Québec City, builds a new half billion dollar palace every twenty years. I'm sure there are some taxpayers who just LOVE that kind extravagance. People are without health insurance and they are building Taj Mahals. :roll:

...correct me if I'm wrong Gern, because I've never been to an NFL game, but arent' the seats sort of useless as pretty much everyone stands for the entire game?...everytime they pan the crowd, 9 times out of ten everyone is standing...