Commonwealth Stadium to get new seats!

From The Edmonton Journal:

The province is also providing money to replace the 60,000 seats in Commonwealth Stadium.

The project, long sought by the users of the 38-year-old facility such as the Edmonton Eskimos, is scheduled to take three years starting in 2009 and cost $9.5 million, said community services manager Rob Smyth

I never been to Commonwealth, but it sounds like its a good investment. Have you heard anything about the possible switch to artificial turf? Im not sure how well that will go over the Esks fans, but I would actually like to see them continue to use the natural grass.

I don't see it as overly necessary, but whatever - those seats aren't the best in the world, after all.

Maybe the Alta gov't could then send some money McMahon's way to replace the benches with seats .... >:(

I think they're replacing the seats beacause a lot of them are broken and they can't find replacement parts for them anymore. I've heard that new field turf is probably going to be installed in Commonwelath as well within the next few years. I still prefer the natural turf though, and there won't be as many large rugby or soccer events held on field turf with football markings on it.

Read the papers, the province is going to be throwing money at McMahon as well, how they spend it is up to the University of Calgary.

Great news out there in Alberta. But please, don't throw away those seats, we need them here in Hamilton as I'm sure even the broken ones at Commonwealth are better than what they call seats here in Ivor Wynne Stadium. :smiley:

You obviously have never played on it.

the players hate it, because it's slippery all the time.. and it's HARD.. so they don't like to fall on it either.

the players prefer the new stuff they're using!

Its about time the eskimos are spending money to renovate that stadium. After all those greycups and going over the salary cap, hugh campbell was too cheap to do it, and now they gotta rely on the government.

The esks need:
-remove the track
-bring the seats closer
-retractable roof
-field turf
-new scoreboard
-build a field house that would serve as a practice facility.
-a new weightroom complex.

The Eskimos don't own the stadium, they are a tenant.

well those guys better spend the money to own their stadium and make some renovations.

Also if commonwealth was such a world class stadium the under-20 world cup championship would have been held there, instead of having FIFA and the CSA beg MLSE to build a new stadium in downtown Toronto. Edmonton needs to stay focused, get their act together, and give that park an extreme makeover. Done Deal.

  • No teams have ever followed the salary cap, that's why they're making one that is actually going to be "used" next season.
  • The Eskimos don't own Commonwealth, even if they wanted to upgrade the facility, they would have to ask the permission of the gov't.
  • Commonwealth Stadium is used for many track and field events, there is no way the city would ever consider removing the track(the only positive benefit of doing this is getting a couple feet of endzone space, so that the endzones wouldn't be rounded
  • You can't just "move the seats closer"(please explain to me how you move an entire half of a stadium... Secondly, the city wouldn't allow this once again because of the numerous track and field events held at commonwealth
  • Directly from the eskimos website: "Currently the JumboTron is the largest and most advanced of its kind in the world measuring 40 feet by 24 feet with 16:9 wide-screen picture format." I have no idea why you're complaining about the jumbotron.
  • retractable roof: pointless. Unless you have some way of coming up with hundreds of millions of dollars just so that the fans won't get wet a few times a year
  • field turf: debatable. I've heard polls done from the NFL, and in this particular poll, players preferred natural grass
  • The Eskimos practice at Clark Park, adjacent to Commonwealth Stadium. It's a pretty decent practice facility. It seats 5,000 and has recently installed field turf.
  • I'm sure the Esks have a perfectly fine exercise facility. I don't see how this is much of a concern.

Bottom line: Before you try to attempt to run down the Esks and Commonwealth Stadium, you should do a bit of research first so that you don't make a complete fool of yourself.

commonwealth is pure garbage, players like natural grass, but edmonton's grass is garbage, the centre field is horrible, the field gets rock hard and slick when its cold and has a horrible drainage system, ive seen better fields in pop warner stadiums in the states, and they spend a quarter of the money that is spent on that toilet bowl called commonwealth stadium.

The esks mave have the biggest video screen, but it aint the best, and bigger doesn't mean better.

-retractable roof is a smart idea, plus the esks can ask the government for money the province of alberat has plenty of money, look how drunk ralph klein gets, that province has tons of disposable income and look at fort mcmurray , alberta and how rich those snobs are, ask them to donate some. Hugh Campbell's family is rich they can donate some money, the same goes for wayne gretzky he played in edmonton and can donate money. Stop making a big deal outta it. Also if they get a retractable roof they can host the Vanier Cup, NCAA Bowl Games, Bigtime concerts during the fall/winter, conventions, trade shows, even NCAA basketball tournaments.

-Plus the city of edmonton could easily build a track around clarke stadium and make that a permanent track/field facility, also moving the seats closer to the field is easy and a simple process, stanford stadium did this in 10 months and have a new beautiful 50,000 seat stadium with excellent sightlines. I will give you the website, and teach you a little knowledge, stop being an ignorant cocky alberta beef guy.

here it is mr.intellectual


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What kind of a bonehead statement is this? I said Ive never been to commonwealth, so wouldnt it be obvious that I've never played on the turf? Maybe the opposing players hate it, but I havent heard any Eskimo player saying they dont like the natural grass.