Commonwealth Games

Who will get to host the Commonwealth Games? Not who do you want, but who do you think?

Where the **** is Glasgow?

Nigeria is out, if the want have the games in the center of the country, where the Christians and the Islamics are fighting, great idea!

Scotland should focus on getting a better parliament.

Halifax is just right. No violence or political upheaval.

I have read how Africa has the insight tack as never having hosted the Games.

then why not South Africa? Although it still a bit hostile there in that country and I by no means like SA cuz I rather Kenya get it then them (however, SA has earned points for legalising Gay Marriage), Cape Town would be the best place for the commonwealth games if they are the first in Africa.

they aren't party of the commonwealth anymore, but they can still try for it if my memory serves me.

I think Abuja should get the games if Halifax doesn't. If anything, it will shed some light on how little attention central Africa gets from the rest of the world. Manchester got the last games, and while Glasgow is not technically in England, it is still very close and part of the UK and I think they should have to wait more than 12 years before hosting again (it will have been 20 years for Canada by then, or the first time ever for Africa).

Africa can wait .... for the Olympics.
that will draw more attention than the CG.

Afica, sure, just not Abuja, the city was fonded like tem years ago too.

Halifax has a neat updated site.

They have a new logo too. I like all the facts around the site. I think they did a great job updating it.

This explains the logo and the slogan; "Gathering for Greatness"

I actually think Halifax should win the Games this time around. It is Canada's "turn".
With the 2010 games going to India, I think that seriously dampens the chances of the Games being awarded to an African nation (and yes, I KNOW that India is not part of Africa). My point is that India is an untested venue for these Games and has the potential to be a runaway success or equally, a complete logistical disaster. I would like to think that the Commonwealth Games organizing group would not be inclined to roll the dice twice on an unproven entity. I would think that they would go the 'safe' route and pick Canada for 2014 and then set their sights on Africa for 2018.

With the recent situation in Nigeria where foreigners were taken hostage as "insurgents" took over some of the country's major oil refineries shows that not only is Nigeria a financial question, it is also a security question. It would be crazy to put the Commonwealth Games there.

Scotland, that way they can build a new stadium and KK can talk about Expansion to Scotland! :wink: I can see the hype all ready...."The CFL on CBC....Alaska Vs Scotland..." :wink:

Hmmm these Coronas are sure good....helps the imagination embelish things a whole lot!

manchester, england had the commonwealth games not too long ago, so they wont go back to the same region so soon…so scotland is out!

Halifax will win…100%

It may very well be the ninth franchise, then we do not have to worry about QC coming in as the 10th team. Oh, I hope not. Still, even if Halifax gets the vote at the end of next year, by the time they start building the stadium etc, it still unlikely the franchise will not start before 2010. Who want’s to wait five more years.

That looks good, are the games on now? I have no idea, living in the US sucks.

KK, You mean this years in Melbourne? If so, yes they started today.

better start watching them online. mind if I post stuff about it on here?

I know what you mean, but if there were a press conference held today saying that a Halifax franchise would be kicking off in June of 2010, I would be ecstatic. I have already waited for more than 20 years, so I can wait another 4.

Personally I don't long as you don't hijack the board with a whole bunch of threads about the Commonwealth Games. This is a CFL forum, after all.

I heard on CBC how its Nigeria's Centenial in 2014. Hope that wont give them an edge.

Their opening ceremony could include a few rocket propelled gernades..sooo beautiful...