Commonwealth Games

On December 15th an announcement will be made saying who has won Canada's bid for the (2014?) Commonwealth Games. I can't wait to find out who gets it. What does everyone think about it?

Oh and for anyone that thinks this doesn't have anything to do with football, your wrong. If Halifax gets it, They will need a stadium which will increase the chances of a Halifax CFL team.

Very good point
I never realised that Canadian cities had to compete among themselves to get canadian nod. I figured any city could judt bid

I agree that it is related with the CFL, but I don't think it really matters any more what we talk about(even if its really off-topic) here since its off-season. I'd like to see Halifax get the bid for obvious reasons(10th franchise possibility).

While I'm hoping that Halifax gets the nod this time, it wouldn't be all bad if Hamilton got the win either. The last time around, (for the 2010 games) the Hamilton win would have resulted in a new stadium in steeltown.

The York bid is a bit ridiculous. I'm a former York Region resident and this bid makes no sense to me.

Go Halifax Go from a Hamilton resident. Better for a 10th franchise as mentioned.

Hamilton can update it's stadium when it gets the GC again. Hailfax all the way.


when was the last time Canada had it? 1999?

and who are the canidates next in line after 2006? (I'll check it out later if no one awesers that, no worrys)

Melbourne has 2006. Cool. Will this be on CBC or another TV channel?

Actually, the last time the Commonwealths were on Canadian soil was 1994 when the Games were held in Victoria, B.C. After Melbourne in 2006, the next Commonwealths are slated for 2010 in New Delhi, India (they beat out a bid from Hamilton for that one). As for Hamilton and the Commonwealths, they have a better shot in 2030 when they celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the first CG, then known as the "British Empire Games", since 1930 Games was held... IN HAMILTON.

Unfortunately, due to scheduling conflicts, specifically the 2006 Winter Olympics in Turin, Italy, and the 2006 Tim Horton's Brier in Regina (they want to avoid another 'curling-gate'), the CBC has decided in all their "wisdom" (HUGE sarcasm there) to forgo the TV coverage for the 2006 CG's in "The Land of Aus".

Yeah, I guess that makes sense. Oh well.

PICKS!!!!! :twisted:

Vote quickly people, the poll closes (if I did it right) on the 15th, the expected announcement date of who gets Canada's bid.

Well, I have no idea who's in the lead to win Canada's bid, but I really, really hope it's Halifax! This would overcome a huge hurdle in putting a CFL team out there!

In the papers here in Halifax, it said the official judgesmare making a visit to each bidding city in December before the annoucement. I think they are coming to Halifax for their final presentation on the 10th.

And yeah I agree it would benfit the CFL if Halifax got it.

I hope that TSN and ESPN show it, at the very least they can show the highlights.

Yeah I agree.

9 more days till they announce Canada's bid.

if Canada last had it ten years ago, they will get it this time.

I don't think thats for sure, but I hope it helps. It would help Halifax and the CFL's chances, If Halifax gets Canada's bid.