Commonwealth Games over

........frankly, I didn't even notice they had started :roll:

and now that they are over, I can't wait for the ummm, ummm....what do they call them ???........oh yeah, now I remember.......the Pan Am Games :wink: :lol: :lol:

The only reason I knew they were on was because a friend of mine competed in them (she won a bronze medal for Canada in women's team archery), but I understand if no one knows these games even exist. When I was trying to find coverage, it was practically non-existent. No one seems to care about any amateur international sporting events if they don't start with "O" and end with "lympics."

That is unfortunate but true. I wasn't glued to the TV but did tune in to a fair amount of coverage when I could and enjoyed what I saw. I enjoy the wide world of sport and not just the wide world of North American sport. This may not be an A level event, but I find it to be much more enjoyable to watch than the never ending redundancy of baseball plays being repeated over and over again in the American Baseball playoffs. Who's playing in that anyway?

Agree deer. Why can't we have some sort of Canadian station that might broadcast these games, they are high level games actually. Pretty sad. :thdn:

Baseball playoffs are very boring, after 162 games they need a best of 5 prelim round? What a joke. Do it like before, no playoffs just World Series. It's 162 games for crying out loud, or thereabouts!

It wasn't the CBC's fault you didn't see much of these games, Earl.

If one wanted to watch these Games badly,
the CBC covered them quite extensively.

CBC laying foundation for Olympic success

BRUCE DOWBIGGIN From Monday's Globe and Mail

Published Sunday, Oct. 10, 2010

[url=] ... cmpid=rss1[/url]
You have to admire the CBC coverage of the Commonwealth Games...

on the Corp’s various TV and Internet platforms.

After all, the event is a world away in New Delhi,

the TV times of events are ridiculous and....