Commonwealth FieldTurf installation

Weird....fake turf is better for the enviorment than proper grass. Strange, eh? :lol:

I'm sure this will make this easier and it will look great and everything, but I think it's a real shame that there is no grass in the CFL...

I have a feeling there is more grass in the CFL than people want to know about :wink:

I clicked on your link, rp, and I think it's the first time I have been to the EE site. I need to go shower now with bleach :lol: :lol: 8) :lol:

But seriously, quite apart from the grass vs. artificial turf debate, ya gotta admit that it looks real good so far, shiny new and all.

:lol: 'beagle. That's understandable :D

I have mixed emotions about FieldTurf at Commonwealth. I'm sorry to see the grass go as it was kind of legendary there from my limited perspective having never been there, but on the other hand, if it means a more consistent playing surface and lower maintenance costs I'm all for it.

The Wikipedia page will need to be updated now.

RIP real GRASS @ Commonwealth :cry: :cry: :cry:

Here's a video about it. Lelacheur seems confident that this will be better than grass. It will also mean the end of frozen turf in November.

Still though there was nothing like the smell of real grass during my two visits to CW.

Commonwealth looks weird with Field Turf. Not saying it's bad, but definitely different.

I can't agree more. The joking perhaps to come aside about the smell of "grass," put the battlemode-inspiring "smell of the turf" near the top of your smell list along with your favourite foods and ...oh never mind. :stuck_out_tongue:

The smell is best in early spring and in August too with the latter giving that "football" feel to the air. Perhaps you get that already in May there with your Canadian summer?

Here in PA I have been fortunate enough to have large, relatively flat grass fields in good to excellent condition on which to workout, including soccer and football fields, that they keep mowed as well. It's like having a free lawn. :slight_smile:

Hopefully I can find more of the same where I go in Florida after I move in June.

maybe they can give the new turf a "grassy" smell? :smiley:

it could give a mood to the whole atmosphere!

Heck even I given my past commentary would support the insertion of such a subtle aroma into the grass or turf. :lol:

After all I would not even have to pull a Bill Clinton. :stuck_out_tongue:

Just the smell would not hurt anyone either, but perhaps to make it smell good instead of often foul it would be too expensive? :?

Agreed. Will definitely be missed

Im happy its gone watching players slip all fall on that grass surface back in the Grey Cup made for one boring game

I love how companies will really dig to make it look like they're ahead of the curve on the 'green' movement.

Congrats Field Turf! You've replaced a field of living, breathing plant life with one of petroleum products and barren sand.

Yes indeed excellent point! Companies touting "green" are the current zeitgeist in various corporate propaganda much as for example in the US touting "security" was en vogue for a few years back in 2002. With either example and many others, like any propaganda, is usually where one should play their BS card as soon as they hear it lest proven otherwise.

All that careful choice of words is in the spirit of courting the current politicians in power as part of the comprehensive program to get more federal contract business too. :stuck_out_tongue:

Such is the way of big companies and multinationals in Washington and I doubt it is much different at the core in Ottawa or in many a Western capital in at least that regard. :expressionless:

It have mixed feeling to see the last Grass Stadium in the CFL go the way of the dodo

I like Smell of Grass Filed have feels on your feet
But like Speed of New Field Turf and Less Injuries
It still sad to see the last grass Field in CFL Go

A study released earlier this year that I posted somewhere on a previous Commonwealth new turf thread shows MORE injuries on artificial turf of ALL kinds to be the case. Such is contrary to popular sentiment even when you consider the "icy field" argument for the sake of grass. If you are doubtful about what I state below and really curious, look it up because I can't remember where it was.

FieldTurf ranks the least risky compared to natural grass in the results of a study released earlier this year with the old-school AstroTurf (not their new product), almost phased out anyway, the absolute and unsurprising worst.

Put another way in NFL terms because I am new to the CFL, even with the turf innovations, we will see far more "Wes Welkers" and others with major and relatively inexplicable knee injuries in the next few seasons.

Also if you are a player somewhere over the age of 30 and have played on grass and such surfaces, YOU probably can feel the higher pressure in your joints from hip to ankle than can others when compared to grass. If you have a chance as I did years ago to do the same workout or play a pickup game of any kind on each surface and are over 30, try it and I challenge you to claim you feel less sore after playing on the artificial surface than on the grass all things considered (weather about the same, you did not fall or injure yourself otherwise, etc).

Even so some great improvements are still being made to artificial turf techonologies just as they have since about 2000.

The only people from whom you will usually hear the claim that "artificial turf" is safer are the uninformed, as I doubt any company rep would want to make such a claim in the sales pitch for which this is a matter most of all of financial and not safety consideration anyway.

Of course every technology has its pluses and minuses, but let's be real there is no magic solution including with costly natural grass and ultimately this is a financial consideration anyway that is only now possible for sake of going well beyond hazardous AstroTurf as was used for so many years on that same financial basis.


oh god no.. 110yd x 65yd Grass field is going to be so hard to replace!! :frowning:

ya ok.