Commonwealth Field needs to be replaced!

Ok home field advantage. same with Commonwealth, the Esks don't practice on it either. The league knows this, but the anti Edmonton crowd still complains. If people think it gives Edmonton an unfair advantage, they have every right to tear up the carpet in their field and grow grass. Again home field advantage. Is there anyone outside of B.C. that doesn't think they amplify the noise, no. Same with Montreal. I don't have a problem with amplified noise again it's home field advantage. The league says amplified noise is not an issue so it's not an issue. Just don't write, 'clap' or 'make some noise' on the scoreboard.

Grass and the track facilitate other big events, as Dust allluded to. Its very much likely a City of Edmonton decision, the Eskimos are just another tenant (albeit the sole regular tenant atm).

BTW, for anyone unaware the Eskimos do their regular practicing and training camp next door at Clarke, though undoubtedly players do get an opportunity to run around on at CW on gamedays, like players for other teams would get at their own stadia presumably.

Hugh campbell retired from his football operations position after '06. And is not involved with the esks in any role anymore. The city does not allow the esks to practice at commonwealth. The esks practice at clarke as another poster stated which uses field turf.

How soon til the Esks' new practice facility is ready to go? Also, will it be locate right next to Clarke Stadium?

the riders have a natural grass practice field that they should be using to practice on before games at commonwealth.

Well then you should ask for a refund on your tickets, as you're not getting the whole B.C. experience. It is 1,000,000 per cent guaranteed the noise is pumped in. It is a fact admitted by the Lions in the past. TSN has spent hours on the pre and post games discussing how to deal with the issue, after (usually losing) teams complain. The Lions don't even try defending it. They have been penalized for doing it, yet know that is their "home field advantage" and live with the few loss of downs and delay of game penalties. So natural grass, artificial noise, or flying beer cans, home is home, and you better be ready to play on the road no matter the conditions if you want 1st place and your chance to use the advantage in the playoffs.

Really??? Want to share the link with us?

Other Teams have been penalized for this as well. Didn't Saskatchewans marching band get flagged a few years ago? I beleive the actual penalty was for the home team using the scoreboard to ENCOURAGE fans to make noise. I think even ro1313 found the rule book link to back that up.

I'll share something with you. In the early 2000, 2001 season a bunch of UNEDUCATED BC Lion fans started the wave while BC HAD THE BALL. It was noisy in the dome, the players couldn't hear the calls from the QB and WE WERE THE HOME TEAM! The accoustics in the dome create quite an echo. Even for High School and Community playoffs it can get quite loud.

Sportsmen covered it quite well but I also have to ask: How many Lions games have you actually attended? The only way to verify such a claim is to be there first hand. I've been going to games since I was a kid and have seasons tix for 8 years now. I'm sure many faithful remember when we had 18000 out to regular season games how quiet it was there. If at any time they were to play croud noise, it would have been then and they didn't.

Great Point Grims! I forgot that completely. The rustling of the paper bags being put over our heads made more noise back then! :wink:

Its been an amazing turnaround since I first got seasons tix. Doubling the attendance was something Iā€™d never thought possible 7 years ago!

I was actually at a game where there was about 14,000 with my dad. I won the tickets off of Rock 101. Good game tho we won. We've came a long way. I'm actually happy with how far Torontos has too. I don't get Edmontons, its good but why no more 60,000 games against Calgary? Those were dope.

Either way, I like where the CFL is going. Hopefully we can all stay way above 30,000 in the coming years in Toronto, BC, Calgary, Edmonton, and I guess Saskatchewan too this season?

If you think about it, when a lot of these stadiums were built, they would fill to capacity with much smaller populations, there should be a day that when the CFL gets stronger that we should stay at 90% in all stadiums which will be huge if we have 9 or 10 teams, making it a money maker where many different teams will be thought up like in Australia.

FIFA no longer enforces having games played on a grass surface - field turf is acceptable as long as it meets a certain standard.

And I thought that penalties were handed out for artificial stadium noise only ... I don't think there's any problem with putting up a display telling fans to clap their hands. There aren't penalties for cheerleaders and mascots doing their job ...

It was pretty quiet in the Dome for the preseason game against the Eskimos, and that was a crowd of 23000 or so. I can't wait until the put the new roof on there. I think it will really help with the acoustics. The higher air pressure really seems to make it feel...I don't know the right word...dead in there. Even when BC Place is packed, it somehow sounds and feels strange in there.

On a semi-related note. A friend of mine used to work at GM Place back when the Canucks were an absolute disgrace, and could barely draw 12000 fans per game. She said that they used to pump in crowd noise all the time, but that they would do it with a fader. So they'd start pumping crowd noise, and then as the real crowd started to join in, they would fade out the artificial noise. Sneaky, eh?

You sound like my 5yr old wining. Grass saves players bodies giving them longer careers with less injury and a happier retirement. And we win on it so go get your own grass field. yeah. so there.

With the old turf,yes grass was better, but not so anymore. The new field turf is better and just as safe as grass.

Yes! thank you!

the old turf that was around in the 80's was not great. since then they have invented the new artificial turf that is much better on the knees than even grass!

funny, nobody realizes that when I was making a complaint against the field that these conditions were affecting BOTH TEAMS!!!

sheesh, people need to learn how to read I think. should settle down and not be so self-righteous.... fact [spit], i'm growing pretty tired of your attidue in general...

right, like you're the honest one here, who never does anything wrong...

people think i'm whining when I was trying to tell people that the field sucks and everyone was having problems.. yet they're refusing to see that it wasn't just the visiting team who was having issues, that it was the Esks too.

I honestly don't believe that everyone reads the complete post.

Considering we scored 45 points, the slipping and sliding was probably not an issue that our coaches spent much time looking into, and the grass has worked for us for a few decades now.

Yea, I know it affects 'both teams' and all that, but do you notice people seldom complain about the turf at Commonwealth when their team wins there. Funny how that works....