Commonwealth Field needs to be replaced!

After tonight's game, and the constant slipping and issues that players on BOTH sides of the ball were having all game tonight? they seriously need to look at replacing that field! SOMETHING has got to be done and soon!

it was terrible out there tonight, players on both sides were losing their footing, sliding all over, no grip underneath them!

it's an awful, HARD, slippery field and it needs to be fixed ASAP!

Seems to me that the field is just fine, as long as your wearing Green & Gold.

Best stadium and field in the CFL.

I guess you weren't reading.

I SAID both teams were having issues.. so Eskimo Players as well! :roll:

over the years, I have heard complaints about playing on the natural grass at Commonwealth, funny thing is that it's always the visiting team or its fans that comlainf. I don't ever recall hearing complaints from the Eskimos.

The biggest issue with the grass field is come playoff time and especially a Grey Cup games, the field doesn't hold up and the game becomes a joke. 2002 ,the field was embarrassing. I could see keeping it over the old type of artificial turf , that was closer to cement than anything else. The new field turf is just as forgiving as the grass and won't fall apart in cold wet weather.
I understand there is a lot of tradition on that grass field, but nothing is forever.

I’ve thought for a long time that games at Commonwealth sloppier than an average game anywhere else. I think it is because the players are used to playing on artificial turf and you have better footing on artificial turf compared to grass. Way back in the olden days, every stadium had grass and slipping and falling was part of the game. Now, the players cut hard every time on turf, but are supposed to remember to make gentle cut on the grass.

The grass at Commonwealth was the best playing surface in the CFL back in the Astroturf days of carpet over concrete. But not anymore, the new generation of artificial turf is a far more consistent surface and it allows the players to play their best.

Commonwealth Stadium Pros:
Only 30 years old (practically brand new by CFL standards)
Virtually no bleachers
Wide concourses
Big enough for Grey Cups without crappy temporary seating

Commonwealth Stadium Cons:
20,000+ empty seats for almost every game
The track puts you 25 feet further from the action
Sloppiest playing surface in the league
Limited parking/tailgating room

I’m by no means saying that Commonwealth is the worst stadium in the league. Structurally, it is definitely above average. But overall it is just average because the track and the 20,000 empty seats really suck the atmosphere out of the place.

Funny that the best atmosphere/hottest tickets in the CFL is at two of the oldest, smallest, crappiest stadiums.

the grass is not great.

it's a hard field, there are many players both current and former Eskimos that have said they do not like the Field at Commonwealth.

if you look at it you can see the grass not holding up. I have seen many times in many games players both from the Home team Esks and the Road team have issues with not able to plant on the grass or they slip out.. and having gripping issues.

And it doesn't matter what shoes they wear because they still slip.

it's no longer the best field in the league.. not by a Long shot!

Its called Home field advantage…

If my Lions could win all their Home Games, and 8 of their 9 away games and only lose one in Commonwealth, then they wouldn’t have an issue playing at Commonwealth during the playoffs because they would be HOSTING!


Want to avoid it in the playoffs? Have a better record than the Esks!

I don't understnad. Commonwealth's grass is getting more slippery as it ages? :roll:

Having said that most organisations have done away with grass field because of the expense to upkeep them. It is also ecologicaly irresponsible to water patches of grass but hey ! It isn't like there is any risks of drought in Alberta :wink:

Why grass is a source of pride to Eskimo fans is well up as explainable as Borat's sense of beachwear fashion.

lol because they have the huge advantage of practicing on it

I think if you're looking for a reason there is still grass you have to look beyond the CFL. It's a big part of them getting other events into the stadium, like soccer matches and such. I'm not a huge fan of the grass, especially when it gets cold out and it's a skating rink, but I think the decision may be above the Eskimo brass.

The grass has many advantages, not the least being the home edge. Yes the Eskimos are used to playing on the grass, yes they have an advantage knowing what footwear works best but the biggest advantage is in injury prevention. Yes field turf is much better than the old carpets but it still is not as good as grass. It is a home field advantage to be sure. The other big advantage is that other sports have rules that stipulate natural surfaces, soccer and rugby come to mind. Edmonton is the only major stadium in the Country that can host Internationals, it would be a shame to lose that.

There is only one reason teams change from grass, money. Turf is cheaper to maintain and allows for more users.

I have seen Grey Cups games on turf where footing was far worse than ever seen on grass. 1977 in Montreal was a prime example. No matter what stadium, with 3 exceptions, if a blizzard hits, footing will be terrible, grass or otherwise. As for the rest of the season, the grass give the Eskimos a huge advantage and I would still like to hear a quote of an Eskimo player complaining about having to play on grass.

Modern turf is vastly improved over the old carpet on top of concrete. When it snows footing is at a premium anywhere but a dome obviously. My intention isn't to knock the grass, I think it's fine throughout the regular season, I just think come playoff time when there is snow, it becomes slippery and like concrete. I think turf has a slight edge in the elements.

I don't know where they are, because these are back in the past.. so I likely wouldn't be able to find them here.

but many players who have played against the Esks and also who were former Eskimos have made many complaints.. they've said that it's too hard, no grip, etc.

The so called home field advantage isn't so prevolent.

I was at the game last night and I saw players on both teams that were losing grip, sliding around.. falling because they couldn't get an edge in the hard grass.

it wasn't just affecting the Riders, it was affecting the Esks as well.

Doesn't hurt ol' Campbell doesn't like to let opposing teams use the field too much close to gameday. Yet the Eskies can...
Don't tell me that being able to really run around on the field right before the game doesn't give the Eskimos an advantage in the first quarter before the other team can change their footware. This has loooong been a point of frustration with most non-Edmonton fans I've talked to over the years.

You would think they would be able to grow grass on the prairies? I like the natural turf and the conditions are the same for both teams. I would like to see all the stadiums play on grass, it brings a wildcard element into the game rather than the antiseptic perfect game on fieldturf...except when the marbles grab a cleat and there's goes a MCL.

Don’t forget, this is preseason, not only will the teams be testing players but they will also be testing, new footwear products, so there may have been some slipping you wouldn’t see during the regular season. Nonetheless the Eskimos scored 45 points, had 316 yards passing, 228 yards rushing and over 100 yards on returns for 664 total yardage. It doesn’t look to me that the Eskimos had too much problems with the turf.

I think Campbell is gone. There are advantages to playing in your house, no different that B.C. piping crowd noise. It's called home field advantage.

I sat the last 5 seasons with some speakers a few metres from my head and it ain't piped in. Having a big, closed, echoing dome does wonders. Yell in a bare cargo van then yell in a convertable and tell me which is louder.