Common GM Histories

In case Popp departs as GM I thought it might be interesting to look at common work experiences of current GMs

9/9; had some football operations function/scouting duties sprinkled into their previous postions somewhere

5/9: Played extensively in the CFL. (Popp, Desjardins, Jones and Barker have not)

6/9: were Coordinators in the CFL ( Hervey, Popp and Desjardins were not)

4/9: Were HC in the CFL. (Hervey, Popp, Desjardins never were a HC anywhere. Walters, Hufnagel were HC but not in CFL)

Hufnagel, besides playing 12 year QB in CFL, had 5 years OC under Buono in Calgary, also had 2 years OC in NYG in NFL and 2 years HC/GM in Arena. Then he came back to CFL. Some seem to forget he had 17-18 years in CFL before his current run in Calgary.

Walters was HC for a time in CIS before STC and operations functions in Winnipeg

Popp's experience before becoming GM in Baltimore was 2 years of WR coach and director of player personnel in Sask. in 92-93. ( Kind of a weird mix of duties, at least in terms of hierarchy.)

Desjardins had about 10 years ( including a 2 year GM stint in Hamilton) as top level assistant GM experience with Popp in Montreal.

2/9 have been a CFL GM before ( Barker and Desjardins)

All had been "in the CFL" before becoming a GM.
All had some front office/personnel duties mixed in.
Most are ex-players.
Most have been coordinators in CFL
Less than half have been HC in CFL

I suspect Scott Milanovich will be a hot GM commodity somewhere soon.

Interesting survey Slant.

Another thing about Desjardins is that he was originally hired by Popp from the CFL office.

And I was surprised to read recently that Hufnagel is still involved in putting the Calg. game plan together.

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It is kind of interesting isn't it to try and look at some commonalities.

I didn't know that Huf was still involved in game planning but that organization and synergy in Calgary is pretty enviable. Like all orgs it's people working well together that breeds success. Football is no different I suppose.

Interesting study pointing out the backgrounds of GM's. For a while the members of the Als organization were certainly not in cahoots with each other. I know that at onetime all parts of t he Als organization were certainly not working together. I like the Huff situation. Huff being the most experienced person on staff would have the knowledge and experience to give his HC suggestions. I'm sure most of us, who functioned in organizations, would be most happy with any productive material from our higher team members and, in a decent organization the underlings, without doubt, have a hand in the bottom's up type of system. As I have learned from many of you guys, the Als organization failed, at times, to have a system where all the management actors were in constant cooperative actions. Yes, the Als management was dysfunctional in the recent past and, today we have the sad result of this on the playing field.

The great Danny Maciocia also fits 3-4 of those criteria.


While it is difficult to see Milanovich getting fired, he is certainly no longer the coaching golden boy in Toronto.

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While it is easy to blame Barker for the big mistake of choosing Ray over Harris, this had to be Milanovich`s call. Ray had given him the same comfort level that A.C. had given Trestman. Ray still has a touch on certain passes but is basically a statue with diminished arm strength.

If true, then Barker should be out. It is a GM's job to make the tough personnel decisions and provide the coach with the best team possible.

But I expect it the decision was either by Barker (perhaps under pressure to keep what he and the $$$ men thought was the best shot THIS season with the GC in TO) or at most joint.

If the former, again ... Barker should be gone, but may have an IOU from those $$$ men in his pocket and therefore SM will pay the price.

If the latter, both should be gone because Harris had shown enough to suggest they could win, unlike had it been Ray vs. Kilgore.

But I expect SOMEBODY will pay the price, and Bradley Daye (Assistant Special Teams Coach) and Anthony Ierullo (Running Backs Coach) won't cut it.