Common CFL

anyone else see this? ... L-8497.jpg

On a this is our league T shirt they show an NFL Stadium!!! Common guys :thdn:

:x That is pretty lame, eh. Otherwise an awesome shirt though!

Well isn't that Canada to a tee? We want to say we're different than the US but at the same time we love to say we're the same. :wink:
Seriously though I'd love to find out the story behind this on how that stadium got on the shirt.

anyone reconize what stadium it is?

i dunno if I see a problem with it.

it's merchandising. they're trying to make the shirt as full as they can make it.

would be pretty dumb to see a small, run down stadium as the background wouldn't it?

"it's merchandising", which means that the people that designed the shirt probably wouldn't know a football from a soccer ball nevermind the difference between NFL and CFL and the associated stadiums. A mistake that truly is careless in the most ignorant sense of that word.

I do believe a couple of years ago Safeway had their CFL promotion out West where the graphics on something or other had NCAA style footballs on them. That's what happens when the PR and advertising people you hire don't actually have a clue or interest in the product.

Re Shirt: DUMB, DUMB, DUMB, DUMB, DUMB. Excellent spot.

Re the thread title... Huh? Common CFL. Yes, I suppose that it's common to 8 cities but what does that have to do with the shirt? Here I'm confused.

It's a common mistake to write "common" when "come on" is meant.

Oh. I've honestly never seen that. Thanks.

I think its the new B.C. Place, no one has seen it yet :lol:

I like it!

How much does it cost in USD's?

Isn't that SkyDome?

I think its Baltimore's stadium

Oakland's stadium perhaps? :?

Well its only fair i guess. Alot of American cities in TV shows and movies are actually Canadian. So i can forgive them this time if it is an American stadium.

I think this is Aloha Stadium in Hawaii.

[url=] ... l20062.jpg[/url]

speaking of aloha in hawaii, I think this is a good time to watch elvis again :thup:

Parrots .... ?

looks like a baseball stadium to me.

I thought it was Ivor Wynn. :slight_smile: