Commissioner's State of the League Address

I just finished watching over an hour of Randy Ambrosie's first State of the League Address on

Over an hour and I didn't learn a damn thing. Talked around every question or topic.
May have been Jeffrey Orridge in front of the media today.

I'd grade his liability as a 10 but I'd give him a failing grade on this presentation today.

Anyone else have thoughts on today's league address?

I saw probably the last 25 minutes.

Agreed didn't learn anything new but I didn't expect too. Commissioners will always 'respond' to questions without giving a direct answer.

Might as well been Bettman or Manfred up there in that regard.

The only thing I found he was direct about was the stadium situation in Calgary. They're all the same breed!

I was about to say when he touched on the Calgary stadium situation I thought we might finally get some information that is newsworthy, but nope.

He has already talked on a number of points in the last few months. So far I'm impressed but the last thing I need is another quote from him. Haven't seen or read about it yet and don't really care for a change. What I care about is what he does starting next Monday morning.

I'll judge his performance in the spring as the "business season" as he calls it, starts to come to a close and we get ready for 2018.

When I heard him talk about moving the season up and liking it . It scratched like nails on a chalkboard . Unlike the past commissioner Cohon who said we own November why would you want to change that .

Maybe he just doesn't want to hurt anyone's feelings but I rather hear a little more substance and leadership than winter jackets versus fall jackets .That worries me that he doesn't understand the economic impact of Fall viewership and the dynamics of watching from your home that bring big dollars every year to the CFL. You only have one show case event don't mess with it's traditional timing of the year .

I take this in the same light as the 1 division discussion. He has stated he prefers an east/west set up but is willing to listen to those interested in 1 division. This is the same. I'm sure before they do it they will look at all aspects of it and think carefully before making a decision.

Ambroise is far better than any commish we have had in a long time; he at least has an open mind willing to listen to ideas.

For the record I like the season ending in November. Start a week or 2 early is fine but make sure the playoffs are no earlier than the first 3 weeks of November.

These functions just exist to create an illusion that the league wants to be totally open and transparent with the media and the public. The trick that Pete Rozelle used to use was to ask a friend to bring up a subject which he wanted to be discussed and just bob and weave around all the other issues. I used to anxiously await the news which came out of these things, now it's just something I notice in passing as was the case today.

Keep the element of surprise alive and deliver in the dead of winter sometime to get the league in the news then. :wink:

They want to start a week early to add a by week, so we don't have teams playing 3 games in 10 days. I didn't get the idea that they plan to vacate November. season would still run to the end of Novembe.

Watch the state of the league address: he is clearly talking about bumping the season enough that grey cup week would be in sweater weather and not coat and scarf weather.
Sounds like more than 1 week to me.