Commissioner's State of the League address (Nov 21)

Commissioner Cohon's webcast will be on CFL Broadband, Friday November 21 at _______ o'clock _______ time.

Does anyone know what time this webcast event starts...? They couldn't provide a time...? :?

Same bat time, same bat channel


I hope he addresses the status of Ottawa, will they be back in 2010? 2012?

Will Loonie Glieberman be given another shot of dating the cheerleaders, I mean owning the team? :twisted:

You'll have to excuse me. I don't watch this event, so I don't know the Bat hour... :oops:

Here’s a article in the meantime.

An interesting read, though I'm not sure I like the idea of having regular season games in neutral locations. A team will always get robbed of a home game, and I hate that. I wouldn't mind them having pre-season games in neutral locations, though.

Everything else sounds good.