Commissioners of NBA, NHL, MLB, Major League Soccer and CFL urge government to legalize single-game betting

This is great news if passed by Trudeau!

The NBA, NHL, MLB, Major League Soccer and CFL commissioners have sent a joint statement to the Canadian government urging ‘prompt action’ to allow single-event sports betting

Waugh feels the pro leagues are acting now with such urgency before sports resumes to try to keep dollars from draining away.

“That ticket money is going to go somewhere,” Waugh said. “They need this more than ever.

“To get all five of them to sign that piece of paper is amazing.”

Unifor Local 444 president Dave Cassidy said the Liberal government no longer has any reason not to legalize single-event betting with the sports leagues onside.

“Sports are going to happen this summer, but without fans,” said Cassidy, whose local represents workers at Caesars Windsor casino. “This will create new streams of revenue for the leagues.

“It’ll create a different way for fans to connect to sports they can’t attend. The leagues need people to be watching these games on TV, their phones.

“I think that has a big part in the timing of this.”

Cassidy said now is the time for the government to green light single-event betting to allow for the proper infrastructure to be put in place


It would add a new revenue stream for the CFL among other leagues/teams here. Replace some of the lost ticket dollars and then can keep it intact moving forward.

It's been legal in the US for a while, I think it's overdue here too. Would reduce the ask the league is looking for from the feds.


Doubt it ... the provincial lottery corporations would still be selling the tickets ... the difference is that you wouldn't have to pick multiple games to buy a ticket ... leagues might get some minor payment for the use of trademarks, but it wouldn't likely be significant $$$

Not certain it has "been legal in the US for a while" ... believe only 10 or so states allow single game betting currently ... likely more will follow in the years to come as it is a revenue generator

People that bet on CFL games,
Watch and follow Cfl games

More :eyes: = more :moneybag:


Agreed ... that is why the Commishes support it ... but not direct revenue generation for CFL ... but it will help when next the TV contract comes up ... sadly that is post 2021season.

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Yes more likely eyeballs is key though the TV contract through 2025, the ratings escalator should help in the meantime.

If they can sell their data to gaming firms, it will help too. Ideally sports leagues would love to claim their intellectual rights but that won't gain any traction.

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I do not agree at all and I have plenty of experience, including betting on games when in Las Vegas living, plus before it was legal in more of the US. I have not been in the game much since 2013.

Most bettors I have known for 15 years now prefer the single games to parlays et cetera or do both. Most do not like being limited to the parlay / multi-game format.

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Disagree with what? I didn't oppose single game betting.

It appeared you stated or implied that adding single-game betting would make only a marginal difference in interest and profits.

No way - the interest from all increases substantially including especially from new gamblers. That's why the gaming lobbies are as well-funded as ever to push for legallization.

It would, I agree, drive up interest (NFL has thrived on it for decades) but don't see the direct revenue as being substantial for the teams ... but it would likely be good for the next TV deal and also for league sponsorships.

For example, as will do others, the Denver Broncos are the first NFL team to do a deal with a sports betting site - FanDuel.

Harrah's is also an NFL sponsor now.

And plenty of money will flow to teams doing such deals.

Of course global issues are delaying developments well beyond this front.

All depends on what is legalized ... single-game betting through provincial lottery corporations would have minimal revenue impact of teams ... if private sector websites were allowed to take single-game bets in Canada then revenue streams exist ... just would be surprised that any government would do more than allow lottery corporations to take the single games ... but I have been surprised before ...

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Of course they should legalize them because it is impossible to have income during the pandemic without betting.

Bumping this one.

Legislation expected to be introduced tomorrow to legalized single sports betting in this country...and putting it in the 21st century on this matter.


Should've been done long ago when the Feds allowed dice games to be legal during the late 90's. Even when the Provinces allowed Sports betting through Proline

Another revenue source for the CFL, if they operate it properly


Where each US state sits on gambling.

It would be easier to allow Canadian Cannabis companies an online cannabis stores to sponsor CFL events and sell their cannabis 2.0 products at them an during broadcasts. Gambling is a cop out. No need.

Canopy Growth laid off 200 employees last week. The Marijuana growth industry is taking a hit too during a the Pandemic

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Hmm. It is going through a consolidation phase. But, there is not doubt about the future demand for Cannabis 2.0 products as the world continues to legalize. There is lots of raw material supply and production capacity for the edibles and beverages segments. The only challenge is finding new distribution networks.

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