Commissioner's Address to the Media

I've just watched the video of the Commissioner's Address. The video ends with the Commish asking for questions from the media. Is there a second part to the video that shows these questions from the media?

heres also a link to an article on some of the commish's comments

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It is interesting and somewhat sad that the 2 franchises that are losing money come from the largest potential fan base in the country. Hopefully this years Grey Cup and a new stadium will help.

Yes, good potential for the Ticats but I can't see the Argo gaining any ground next year in attendance despite winning the Grey Cup. It's likely that Ottawa comes in and the Argos exit. Torontonians get their NFL team. We still get to rent the Rogers Centre once in awhile for a Grey Cup.

While Toronto could end up with a Nfl team at some point i can't see them having a team in a few years may guess is it wills till be some time before a Nfl team lands in Toronto.

What I don't understand is the Idea that people in Toronto stay away from the Argo's because they want an NFL team. I would think that solid attendance numbers for the Argo's could only enhance their chances of landing an NFL franchise. It would only seem logical that the NFL would look at the low turnout and say that 20 some thousand is not going to cut it.

I think in part there reason for not supporting the Argos is to say look we don't like this football.

I think the reason they don't support the Argos is they want to be involved with American sports leagues period. Reality if NFL wanted to be in Toronto they would, but they are not and will never. Im not going to derail a positive address from the Commissioner to feed into trolling Toronto is NFL bound when there is a number of threads on here with quotes from the NFL stating they aren't moving into Toronto and the focus is to go into Los Angeles and keep the league at a perfect 32 teams. May that be Buffalo, St.Louis or Jacksonville relocating so be it, Rogers Centre is not an NFL viable stadium, Rogers couldn't own the team, if anything I see Rogers buying the Argos in a couple years from Brailey if Sportsnet gets a game a week. I don't believe Rogers is anti CFL, but they do want to have a relationship with the NFL may it be have one game a year in Toronto.

The NFL wants a healthy CFL its the perfect farm system for them to pick from, I truly believe they want the CFL to work in T.O

the commissioner has stirred up a media hornets nest by bringing up Quebec as a possibility. could have just been posturing to get the east coast people a little more motivated...but that little segment he spoke about it... has all the media talking.

I think Hamilton is steadily gaining ground year after year, and with the new Stadium, the place should be packed and hopefully that will push the Ti-Cats overboard.

you are exactly right with that point. Cohon has been stirring the pot for a stadium and a team in Halifax. Beginning with the move of regular season games, TD Atlantic, to tiny Moncton and New Brunswick. It did finally get the HMR to officially put forth a stadium Study in which it appears there is a window for a Stadium to be Built in the Shannon Park area. Although they tried to get it done in time for the FIFA World Cup in 2015 and it was unsuccessful it is the first time that an official plan has been started and 20 million from the HMR would commit to the project. This is way further than it has ever been before.
Cohon also stated that all expansion talk would be put aside so the league can put its full focus on the 100th Grey Cup. This gave the HMR a year to stew over the project, have an election in which at least one of the council persons that was against a CFL sized stadium has been voted out, and the Mayor has officially announced just before the Grey Cup that the Stadium project will be one he will take off the shelf to look at.
Cohon's replies in the Article have the 10th franchise the top priority for the CFL for the first time coinciding with the Television contract talks.
Also shortly before the Grey Cup Rogers has openly spoke of interest in televising one CFL game a week, be it for its newly acquired network the Score for right now there is still an interest there.
It may not be a coincidence that al of these things are becoming public at about the same time.
Plus no one wants to talk about the scheduling headache that a 9 team league creates on top of having only 4 games a week instead of 5 it would be difficult at best for Rogers to get one out of 4 games a week on the much less popular Score when the two sports Network Giants are TSN and Sportsnet.
Within the year leading into the end of the current outdated television contract with TSN. Revenue numbers that the CFL will be seeking will become more and more in the news as well as what TSN is willing to offer along with an competitors like Rogers will lead also into the news of who and where possible ownership groups and stadium funding will begin to emerge.

look, last time I was in the Rogers Centre for a baseball game I was in the 500 level, like yesterday, and I couldn't see that little white ball when it was hit in the air, a horrible experience for watching baseball compared with watching baseball in Tiger Stadium. Horrible, at least with football it's a big ball you can see. Even when I went to a Raptors game at the RC for $5.00 buck way back it was better than baseball, you could at least see the friggin ball. Yesterday, for the 100th Grey Cup,with the host team in it, it was only passable with the 53000 in the place. It's cold, dark in the upper levels of the 500 level where I was sitting, and you see from there the old bowl like configuration of the place, as non state of the art as you can get for stadiums, one piece of crap and only because of the 100th was I in there.

Give huge, huge credit for anyone attending Argo games in there, or for anyone attending anything in there that is the worst stadium I've ever been in and that's comparing it to my high school stadium that sat about 300 people on old benches. Really, it's that bad. Washrooms are ok though. :wink:

This is the antithesis of an excellent football stadium, it's really one piece of sh....t. Baseball fans, yikes, give me old Tiger Stadium or Labatt Park any day. Again, piece of sh...t for intimacy and closeness to the action.

Plus, the NFL’s primary revenue driver is US TV rights… and no American TV network wants to show Canadian teams. A Toronto NFL team is a dead zone for US ratings. They only move to Toronto if they haven’t got another realistic option.