Commissioner Wright under review

Saw this story in the Globe today:

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Looks like the CFL Board is going to meet to discuss the future of Commissioner Tom Wright, and things don’t look good for Mr Wright.

I, for one, think that it would be a mistake for the CFL BOG to not extend Wright’s contract. While he’s not been perfect, I think the good work he’s done in getting the Hamilton and Toronto franchises stabilized and enlisting numerous corporate sponsors far outweighs his shortcomings in the areas of Salary Cap enforcement and the Ottawa situation (remember, the Ottawa ownership group came in under the previous commissioner’s watch).

What does everybody think of this development?

Well, if they fire WRIGHT , that should sell tickets?

Just because the OTTAWA media has tried to screw the OTTAWA team 2 times…that not WRIGHTS fault and he has been the best commish in many years.

As you wrote , look at TORONTO and HAMILTON.
The league has far more sponsors , now…REEBOK and SONY just to name a few.

ATTENCENCE is way up as are the T.V. ratings.

There are 2 CFL DVDS now and a new CFL magazine coming out.

Where did you find out about this…the TORONTO MEDIA…GO FIGURE :lol:

Typical Glode & Mail…Do they give the CFL much coverage during the season…Postage stamp size. Do they want to stir the pot…Oh yeah…

Looking at the big picture. Wright has been the best commisioner in years. Do we want to go back to the days of Donald Crump? Not!

This is not a new story, but I guess with the meeting approaching and Wright being fingered in the Ottawa situation it seems like good “journalism” to bring it out there.

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