Commissioner to start fining teams for leaked information

According to 3 down Nation, Randy Ambrosie's going to start fining teams for leaked information. He's getting upset about some clubs speaking to media.

Fines could be up to $25000.

Does he still need to go as commissioner


Consider the source of the content of the article (Madani), it seems like another hit piece to compensate for no content to write about.

There hasn't been any news leaking to get in a fluff over anyways. Which team has been speaking to the media?

I will now start fining people 25K posting in this thread :crazy_face:


Nobody knows which team is actually leaking info to the press but strange that we are finally heard from the commissioner after all this.

Lump sum or payments :smiley:

Thing is we're not hearing from Ambroise either. If some of the mainstream media start reporting this, I'll take it more seriously.

I can arrange short term high interest loans (up to 7 percent.... nothing interest free... Hence Randy never reached out to

Randy Bo Bandy strikes again . :hamburger:


Why does the Rock's XFL get a pass when it went dark as they announced they were coming back to play in two years? And they don't have a commissioner to be legit.

I don't get the hate for Randy Ambrosie. It's unfounded. The man might not be GQ material like Mark Cohen, but let him do his job. Major corporations work behind the scenes like this. MLSE should start telling Rogers/Sportsnet and the FAN 590 to stop undermining the CFL's brand and awareness of it's sport entity


I think it's just a few people who have an agenda that like to put out these type of claims and rehash the same things over and over again.

It's telling when this kind of dirt comes out by Midani with 3down being the only one that jumps on it. Not even Midani's employer is even bothering to mention this.

There used to be a guy who was kind of the league's director of communication/PR. Paulo Serna... something along those lines. He constantly out Midani in his place when he spouted his agenda. League needs someone like that again.


Rogers/Sportsnet should reign in Madani, at least on journalistic principles. It should remind Madani he needs corroboration if he going with rumors. It's a wonder that the league has given Madani press credentials after after all the negative articles he has written

Every morning on the FAN 590, they talk about the Bills and the NFL. Not mention a word about the CFL. That Rogers radio station should give Ryan Dinwiddle a weekly radio show and discuss all things Argos. The Buffalo radio station has Sean McDermott have a weekly radio show, as Buffalo is an NFL Market while Toronto is not and never will be.


And the Fan 590 still broadcasts Argo games

I don't think so. The FAN 590 broadcasts Blue Jays games during the summer monets and in the Winter they share broadcasts with TSN 1050 for Leafs and Raptors game .

I think TSN 1050 broadcasts Argos game

That's good to hear.

Hopefully they will be more positive than the fan

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Here in the US, I decided over a decade ago than any radio station that goes by the name "The Fan" can shove it along with all their loser homer fans.

I was right.


We'll this did get the attention of Dave Naylor

If this is about forthcoming CBA talks. Nothing has leaked. In the past any leaks came from the PA. Of course their leadershio doesn't hold their members as accountable


More from Naylor

Just shows haters will be haters no matter what. The league needs more guys like Naylor who doesn't sugarcoat things but gives the rebuttal to the haters view too


It's the only thing about the CFL in the media right now really. It's one of the few things bringing attention to the league after they announced they wouldn't play this year

Media leaks has been an unfortunate problem for the league for years.


As Naylor said earlier, this happens with every league/commissioners.

Not a nice headline to sure, but organizationally it's better that letting their membership spout all over the place like they're counterparts during these talks.

Hey in the article from 2014 it said the fine is up to 100K. Ambroise is offering at 75% discount...and Midani w/ 3down are painting him as villain :slight_smile:


Arash Madani responded yesterday that this has nothing to do with the players or the CBA. He thinks Randy Ambrosie is upset because Madani let it be known that not all the teams are 100% onboard with CFL 2.0. & that the league is focused on CFL 2.0 as being the primary source of growth.

If there are any plans for major changes in the CFL for 2021 not related to the CBA, there is currently no evidence of its existence.

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Wait a minute, you don't believe the owners with millions at stake after losses are not serious about changes? C'mon now.

The absence of known evidence does not equate to absence of evidence.

And wisely they are tight-lipped for now.

Madani has a tabloid job to do.

They are doing their real jobs as will do many others of course.