Commissioner state of the fan address

So I went to the Convention Center this morning for 10 a.m.
And got to hear commissioner ambrozy speak
was going ask a Question but they ran out of time Wanted ask how he was going handle Player retention with the XFL and USFL Looking for players next season

After the Q&A they unveiled a giant new base for the Grey Cup

Was nice to see fellow fans from around the league converging here for Grey Cup


I never watched it, but did anyone or did he bring up what the deal was with the argos QB and the other players only getting 2 days and not 4?

I thought Randy did a very good job with his report, or speech, without notes, but when it came to the question period really all we got was clear proof that he's ready for a next career in politics and quite capable of dodging questions, at least in one language, at a prime ministerial level.
He was questioned about the major issues prior to, and following, the Eastern Semi-Final. As for his answers, on those issues, I call "BS."

Here's video of it all. You have to drag the bar across to the 12:44 mark, which is where he's introduced.

He is a phony pantload.

The story is the Grey Cup . Next week might be the better time to address those questions . You don't bury the lead to distractions . The distractions are important but not this weekend .

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Without endorsing Ambrosie, I'll say this year he was the least lost he's been in speaking to the media as compared to previous years.

That's not to say he is confidence inspiring and his deflections could use a bit more tact. Throw us a small bone at least if you won't completely answer a question Randy.

Someone did He said the CFL Policy was never 4 days ..

Yes, I heard him saying the same - no rule stating 4 days.

If that’s the case (and I don’t believe it for a second) , then any players who lost a game cheque should be reimbursed if 2 days would have allowed them to play.