Commissioner Orridge


Thats Jeffery Orridge's twitter account. I've been sending something regarding the replay officials every day. anyone care to join me?

I will do as well...
And I will not spare the words.
The bullshit curtain of about to be opened real wide...
Long overdue.

Orridge has zero credibility as a leader. He's a BOG puppet. The past 7 days are proof enough.

I've sent him a long email citing the 3 potentially game-changing screw-ups by the officials today. I've also informed him that I'm not watching the rest of the playoffs or supporting any league sponsors until this officiating nonsense is fixed. If we want action, we have to hit the CFL where it hurts: in the wallet.

They have to realize that a league which continually has to fight for fans, sponsorship money & credibility even amongst Canadians can't afford to let errors like the ones that have hurt our team to continue.

Here here , next Commish Pin Ball !

I get what you fellows are saying about Clemons' passion and love of the game. Definitely would be visible and engaging.

But do you think we could take all that hype and mania? Does the guy even understand the meaning of silence? How about a competent administrator type like Wally Buono or John Huffnagel. Somebody from planet Earth?

You need to start with someone who is willing to be dictated-to by the owners and Board of Governors, someone who is willing to seek approval for all decisions.

Michael Clemons is not that individual... neither is John Hufnagel, nor, I suspect, is Wally.

I agree, With the CBA expiring after the 2018 season and the TSN agreement expiring in 2021, they will NOT want an ex-player in the Commissioners seat.

Pinball would be great as the public face of the league, drumming up interest and promoting the game. I doubt that he would be a good choice to negotiate a new TV deal, or new CBA, or corporate sponsorships. If they could hire him to do the one role and a COO for the other, that would be OK, but I'm not sure Commissioner is the right title for that job description.


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