Commissioner Mark Cohon salary?

[b]just out of curiosity, anyone know how much Mark Cohon receives as salary/compensation as acting Commissioner of the CFL?

According to Sports Business Daily, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell earned a whopping $44.2 million in 2013 which leads me to believe that Cohon may receive in the neighborhood of $1-$1.5 million as a comparative.
(worth every penny if so IMO)

anyone know the actual figure?[/b]

$44M? Talk about a paycheck! My goodness!

Everything in terms of salary is always hush-hush in the CFL, i so doubt we will know for sure with regards to Cohon.

It was reported Cohon made $500,000 per year under his original 5-year contract. He renewed for 3 years and I'd imagine he got at least a small raise. With the CFL earning about 1% of what the NFL makes, that salary range would make sense if Goodell's salary was $44 million.

I would think he's earning a lot more than that, especially with the new TV contract that he secured. He was lured away from the NBA as their head of international marketing and before that he was Major League Baseball International as head of corporate development.
Probably a million dollars plus. This was a bio on him from a few years ago - quite the resume for a guy in his early 40s.
His father was the founder of McDonalds in Canada

Mark Cohon, 40 President and chief executive officer, AudienceView Software Corp., Toronto


When Mark Cohon returned to Canada three years ago after a lengthy stint in the U.S. and Europe, he met two entrepreneurs who had set up AudienceView.

The company was a natural fit for Mr. Cohon. It was trying to establish itself in the ticketing business, and Mr. Cohon had roots in the sports and entertainment industries. After about three months as an adviser, he became president. Last year, he became CEO of the 70-employee company.

A graduate of Chicago's Northwestern University, where he received a Bachelors of Science and majored in communication studies, Mr. Cohon has always been one for a challenge. In 1990, he set up a charity called Youth Challenge International and led an expedition to the Arctic and Siberia with 30 Canadian and then-Soviet students. Later, he worked for Major League Baseball International as director of game development; he was charged with promoting the brand in such countries as Japan and Venezuela.

In 1994, he met David Stern, the head of the National Basketball Association, and he joined the organization as head of international marketing. During his stint he set up an office in London, U.K., where he sold television rights and licensed products throughout Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Later, he ran the association's business-development branch and set up the NBA City restaurant in Orlando, Fla.

Mr. Cohon was drawn to AudienceView. "I had seen the dominance of TicketMaster. The only way to buy tickets was through them," Mr. Cohon says. "But this company had the idea that with more and more people buying tickets on-line, we could eliminate the middle man and offer a solution where theatres and sports teams could get into the ticket business themselves."

"People can call the Blue Jays call centre, or go to, or go to the box office and buy tickets directly," Mr. Cohon says. "The team's management keeps all the data on the sales, and the incremental service charges."

About 60 clients, representing 85 venues in Canada, the U.S. and U.K., have agreements with AudienceView. Clients include Wynn Las Vegas Resorts, Churchill Downs, Southampton Football Club and Mirvish Productions.

"It's not just about selling tickets," Mr. Cohon says. The software includes business intelligence tools that promote greater revenue. "It's about eventually selling a parking pass, or merchandise, or a podcast to see the highlights of the game that spectators went to. That's what we're enabling our customers to do."

When he's not busy selling the merits of AudienceView, the son of Susan and George Cohon (founder and former head of McDonald's Restaurants of Canada) has taken a page from his parents and is active in the community. In January, he was appointed chair of the Ontario Science Centre. With his long-standing interest in wildlife and the environment, he had previously served two-and-a-half years as a member of the board of trustees.

"It's a great place and it is going through a transformation," Mr. Cohon says of the centre, which has completed a $45-million capital campaign. "My objective is to take the Ontario Science Centre outside the four walls and promote science and technology to our community.

I seem to recall former player/TSN analyst Leif Pettersen asking for a $600,000 salary when offered the role of CFL Commissioner in the early 90's which was considered a vast amount at the time.

Given his tenured performance to date and the elevation of the CFL during this period, Cohon should be paid a minimum of 1 million+ in salary.

Most private sector corporations would have proffered a much higher compensation to Cohon especially with inclusion of standard performance laden bonuses.

We are fortunate to have him as Commish.

The Mark cohons are the type of guys that we need to bring in the cfl. Hard worker, dedicated to his craft,energy,fan of the league and not just a guy who likes to pick up a pay cheque and call it a day ie. Chris rudge
Just imagine if the Argos off the field staff had guys like mark Cohen working for the team! I bet any money that Argo franchise would not be as big as a joke it is now under his watch. Unfortunately we have the Chris rudge and David barleys working for this team which are just killing the Argo franchise.

Cohon makes a base salary of 650,000 with a number of bonus incentive money for hitting certain targets and grow in Corporate support

His salary has not been revealed, the CFL being a private organization does not have to say. It was " reported" his initial salary before his contract extension/renewal and before incentives etc was around $500k, if it's $1 million or $2 million he's worth it.