Commissioner Mark Cohon on TSN1050 at 7:00pm answering calls

Plus there were several other articles that totally contradicted The STAR's article.
Sadly this isn't the 1st time that The Star has done something like this.
The Toronto Sun was famous for doing the same kind of thing , too.

Thank you for explaining it. :thup: Thanks for writing :thup:

This is just the tip of a much larger ice burg that the CFL and ARGO fans have had to put up with in our own city for many years. :thdn:

Mark Cohon is everywhere!

He was on the Dean BLundell show on 102.1 the edge this morning. You can listen here.

[url=] ... /Main.aspx[/url]

The interview starts at 38:51.

Great move MARK and thanks again PiCat

That station is for younger people :thup:

And for people who were young once and refuse to admit that they're not actually that young anymore :slight_smile:

Hey I’m still young, but my body says otherwise :lol:

The Commish was on the Fan 590 yesterday on Prime Time Sports 6 PM( June 25th )

He was on 102.1 the edge in Toronto this morning on the Dean Blundell show. I didn't catch the whole interview but here it is, Jun 26th starts at 38.50

[url=] ... /Main.aspx[/url]

Edit: Head's up, although the interview is clean, the show boarders on NSFW.

Thanks people. Great stuff :thup:

That was a fun interview. He can roll with it pretty good.

He did say that they are going to announce a TV deal in the states coming in (I think he said) "a week or a couple of weeks" (or something like that), and "maybe get a dozen games on TV".

I guess they're still negotiating. Well at least we still have ESPN3. I just look forward to the day when I can go to the local bar and watch the Grey Cup in high definition, on a Sunday, when all the other games are on too.

rpaege, just move to Canada, problem solved. :wink:

:lol: You have a great point. :lol: :wink: