Commissioner Mark Cohon on TSN1050 at 7:00pm answering calls

Commisioner Mark Cohon will be on air at 7:00 pm June 20 to answer questions from CFL Fans across Canada.

Liste live below

Very cool and thanks for the heads up :thup:

Or You can Listen to the Tiger-Cats Pre-Game Show on 900 CHML at 7:00pm, its up to you :smiley:

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WEEEEEEEEEEEE , there is a game tonight on TSN :rockin:

I will listen to one and watch the other.

Ticats / Bombers Game starts at 8:00pm on TSN2

GO CATS GO!!!!! :thup:

Any news on Ottawa, the Bombers and Ti-Cats Stadia? Anything?

If you want to listen to the interview, you can find it on the TSN Radio 1050 (TSN Toronto) podcast section.

Go here:
Look for the "More Podcasts" panel on the right towards the bottom.
Click on "Podcasts" right next to "TSN Radio 1050 Toronto", which pops open a new window.
Look for
"TSN 1050 Toronto: Inside the CFL with Mike Hogan and Mark Cohon - June 20th
Wed., Jun. 20, 2012 8:37 PM

Mike Hogan is joined by CFL Commissioner Mark Cohon as they talk to CFL legend Russ Jackson, as well as TSN VP of programming, Shawn Redmond."
It's currently on page 2 of the podcasts. Click anywhere on the text to play the podcast.

I don't know if it's available in the US, but I don't see why they wouldn't let US residents listen to it.

Lots of news and thanks PiCat :thup:

Thanks, Picat. I was worried that I missed out on some news.

Looks like they only leave it up for a day :frowning:

It's still there, but it's on page 4 now.

I don’t get the option to switch to a new page. I only get the first four from today.

On my computer, there's a bunch of numbers in boxes below the first 4 from today. If you can see them, you can click on them to go to the pages. It's the last one on page 4 right now, but they add podcasts regularly, so it might be on page 5 or 6 by the end of day. If the numbers aren't showing up on your computer, you can also find the podcast on iTunes now. Search for "inside the cfl with mike hogan". There are only two hits, and both of them seems to be the same podcast.

For some unknown reason it doesn't work properly for me in Firefox. So I used Safari and managed to find it. Thanks for the help!

If you use an ad blocker in Firefox, that might be the problem. For a long time I couldn't see the videos on TSN, so I would use Chrome or shudder Internet Explorer. They always play ads before the videos, and the ad blocker blocked the ads, thus preventing the following videos from playing. I disabled the ad blocker for TSN, and now everything works fine. There are a few other video and audio streaming sites, and sum of them just display ads rather than play them, but they won't play until I disable the ad blocker.

Yes, I do in fact use an ad blocker and few other tools in Firefox. I disabled everything in an attempt to get it working. Anyway, I keep Safari around with no add-ons just for this exact reason.

Thanks for the help! That entire 1 hour segment was really interesting. I especially enjoyed the interview with Jackson :rockin:

I totally agree with what RUSS JACKSON said about Canadian born Q.B.s in the CFL and the ratio. :thup:

And Mr. Hogan's and Mr. Cohan's version of the events that happened at ARGO game with the 30,000 kids in the stands and how they reacted to the game. It was totally consistent with the Canadian Presses' version. Not The STARS... :lol:

What was the Star's take on it?

Some reporter wrote a short couple of paragraph article in which he interview four kids wandering the concourse who were clearly not interested and tried to make it look as if those four opinions represented the rest of the 29996 who were there. Because of that the Star is Satan's spawn according to several posters on other sites. A clear over reaction but that is not a defence of the Star article, which was absolute bogus crap. As I said when I e-mailed the Star, their report had a clear agenda when he went to the game.

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