commissioner Mark Cohon hypocrite

Glad to see Cohon's promoting the league on Canada AM this week, although even though he says he's pushing the league to be enviro friendly, and even drives a hybrid, advertisements at the Argos game last night were pushing Nissan trucks and SUVs as the official vehicles of the team. Way to be a hypocrite Mark...

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I don't see that as hypocritical at all. He's not god for goodness sakes, can't just go in and break agreements teams or the league has had prior. He's just showing an example and good on him for it! :thup:

I agree with these other posters, Cohon can only do his own part, he can't do for others what they have to decide for themselves. Good for him.

Dont you love the ones who sign up only to complain?

I gotta agree with the first three guys who posted. This person seems to be looking at the issue like it's black and white.

I agree. He can only lead by example. Maybe others will adjust future contracts to reflect this enviro-friendly choice as well.

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How does this have anything to do with Cohon?

Cohon doesn't decide who every single teams sponsors are or TSN/CBC sponsors.

Are any League sponsors of the CFL SUV's or even car company's?

Look at the webpage I only see Purolator as anything that has to do with a vehicle and people are against raising food for those in need well those people have issues.

Cohon has done things like getting all the teams more enviro friendly with higher level recycling programs and such... but nope since TSN or individual teams are sponsored by a truck company even though those companies have been sponsors for YEARS!

The only way that can happen is if some cigarette company wanted to be a partner that i s IT!

this new commish is all talk and no walk, the tsn contract was negotiated before he came, the sms was negotiated before he came, he is doing too many interviews and talking and not enough change. When is he gonna tell the montreal owners to give up on the McGill expansion, and spend the money to renovate olympic stadium.

Nissan is one of the most enviro-friendly car companies in North America. Their corporate average fuel economy is way ahead of Ford, GM or Chrysler, for instance. This just further enhances the CFL image as a "green" company, and we ain't talkin' Riders here!

who gives a rat's behind?

Welcome back Chewy! Yes really why in the world would you bring this into a football forum. It has nothing to do with football. We should round up all those granola eating tree huggers and send them up north to count snow flakes. I could careless what car manufacturer is promoting the league.

Next thing we are going to hear is that the Argos loss was due to greenhouse gases being trapped in the Skydome!!!!!!!!!!!

How about never? Does never work for you?
The commissioner does not have to power to tell any-team where they can or cannot play!

glad to be back. done hibernating for the winter. Can't belive some dolt is bringing eco-politics to the CFL. Go hug a tree or call up Elizabeth May. Keep your left-wing conspiracy therories to yourself.

Its an open forum and he can voice his opinions like everyone else.

Just maybe he will get Micheal Moore to do a movie! The evils of the CFL! Get real. Save the granola bar!

Um 2005, the institution out here is missing a tree-hugger who escaped last Thursday,


Do you think there's a connection?

Wow, a little hard on the new guy aren't we TAF?
I give him points just for bringing up enviro issues so early in his tenure.